Video Reviews

Here’s a quick rundown of the rating system I try to stick by.

5 Skulls: Masterpiece. A film that everyone should see or have in their shelf, regardless of personal taste in cinema.
4 1/2 Skulls: Excellent. Could be one of the best within its own genre. A must see and buy that are not quite a masterpiece, but pretty close.
4 Skulls: Great. A recommended film that might be in the top 10 of the year of its release.
3 1/2 Skulls: Very Good. A film that should be seen and are quite enjoyable.
3 Skulls: Good. An enjoyable movie that are well watching and possibly also worth buying.
2 1/2 Skulls: Ok. An average film that are alright to watch if you have nothing better available.
2 Skulls: Poor. A film that is mostly skippable and forgettable. A decent time waster at best.
1 1/2 Skulls: Bad. Only watch these if there is something very special that are attracting you to it, but expect it to be painful.
1 Skull: Dreadful. A film without any redeeming qualities.
1/2 Skull: Trash. Honestly not worth watching even if your first born was involved with the production.


1920: Evil Returns2012HorrorBhushan PatelIndia2
All Night Long1992HorrorKatsuya MatsumuraJapan3.5
The Amityville Terror2016HorrorMichael AngeloUSA1.5
Angel1984ThrillerRobert Vincent O'NeillUSA3.5
The Antichrist1974HorrorAlfredo De MartinoItaly3
Army of Convicts1996ActionDavid WorthUSA3
Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 12015HorrorVariousUSA2.5
Ballad in Blood2016HorrorRuggero DeodatoItaly1.5
Baskin2015HorrorCan EvrenolTurkey4
The Battery2012Horror / DramaUSAJeremy Gardner4.5
Beyond the Gates2016HorrorJackson StewartUSA2.5
Bleed2002HorrorDevin Hamilton, Dennis PetersenUSA1
Born to Fight2004ActionPanna RittikraiThailand3.5
The Boy2016HorrorWilliam Brent BellUSA1.5
Cameron's Closet1988HorrorArmand MastroianniEngland / USA3.5
Candyman: Day of the Dead1999HorrorTuri MeyerUSA2.5
Cannibal Holocaust: The Beginning2004HorrorBruno MatteiItaly2.5
Carnival of Souls1998HorrorAdam GrossmanUSA2
Cold Prey2006HorrorRoar UthaugNorway2
The Conjuring 22016HorrorJames WanUSA4
The Demon1963HorrorBrunello RondiItaly / France4
Demons 21986HorrorLamberto BavaItaly3
The Devil's Candy2015HorrorSean ByrneUSA4
End of Days1999Action / HorrorPeter HyamsUSA4
The Exorcist 3: Cries and Shadows1975HorrorFranco Lo Cascio, Angelo PannaccioItaly2
Exterminator 21984ActionMark BuntzmanUSA2
Fair Game1986Action / ThrillerMario AndreacchioAustralia2.5
The Fear1995HorrorVincent RobertUSA3
Fright Night 21988Horror / ComedyTommy Lee WallaceUSA4
Galaxy of Terror1981Sci-Fi / HorrorBruce D. ClarkUSA3
Gate 21990HorrorTibor TakacsUSA / Canada3.5
Ghosts of Mars2001Action / Sci-FiJohn CarpenterUSA3
The Hallow2015HorrorCorin HardyUSA / England / Ireland3
The Haunted1991HorrorRobert MandelUSA2.5
Havenhurst2016HorrorAndrew C. ErinUSA1.5
Hentai Kamen: Forbidden Super Hero2013Comedy / ActionYûichi FukudaJapan4
The Hole2009HorrorJoe DanteUSA4
The House at the End of Time2013Horror / DramaAlejandro HidalgoVenezuela2.5
Inner Demon2014HorrorUrsula DabrowskyAustralia2
Insidious: Chapter 32015HorrorUSALeigh Whannell3.5
The Keep1983HorrorMichael MannUSA3
Kill Baby Kill1966HorrorMario BavaItaly3.5
Lake of the Dead1958HorrorKåre BergstrømNorway4
Las Tortugas Mutantes Pinjas1991AdultVictor MaitlandArgentina1
Lights Out2016HorrorDavid F. SandbergUSA1
Lucker the Necrophagous1986HorrorJohan VandewoestijneBelgium3
Mad Foxes1981ActionSpain / SwitzerlandPaul Grau3.5
Martyrs2008HorrorPascal LaugierFrance5
Mother of Tears2007HorrorDario ArgentoItaly3
Murder-Rock: Dancing Death1984ThrillerLucio FulciItaly2
A Nightmare on Elm Street IV: The Dream Master1988HorrorRenny HarlinUSA4.5
Nightmares1983HorrorJoseph SargentUSA3.5
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension2015HorrorGregory PlotkinUSA2.5
Prison Heat1993DramaJoel SilbergUSA2
Pusher1996CrimeNicolas Winding RefnDenmark4.5
Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead2012Horror / ComedyNaoyuki TomomatsuJapan1.5
Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 22013Horror / ComedyNaoyuki TomomatsuJapan1.5
Raw2016Drama / HorrorJulia DocournauFrance4.5
The Red Nights of the Gestapo1977DramaFabio De AgostiniItaly2.5
Return of the Living Dead 31993HorrorBrian YuznaUSA3.5
Roboflash Warrior1994Action / Sci-FiRichard J. ThomsonFrance1
Seytan1974HorrorMetin ErksanTurkey1
Shadow Builder1998HorrorJamie DixonUSA3
Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf2015Action / Sci-FiKevin O'NeillUSA2.5
Silent Hill2006HorrorChristophe GansUSA2
Sinister 22015HorrorCiaran FoyUSA2.5
Sole Survivor1983HorrorThorn EberhardtUSA3.5
South Bronx Heroes1985DramaWilliam SzarkaUSA3.5
Strip Nude for Your Killer1975ThrillerAndrea BianchiItaly2.5
Tales from the Hood1995HorrorRusty CundieffUSA3.5
There is a Secret in My Soup2001HorrorYeung Chi GinHong Kong2.5
Thir13en Ghosts2001HorrorSteve BeckUSA4
Threads1984Drama / Sci-FiMick JacksonEngland5
Time Barbarians1990Sci-Fi / FantasyJoseph John BarmettlerUSA1.5
The Torturer2005HorrorLamberto BavaItaly1.5
Trauma1993Horror / ThrillerDario ArgentoItaly3.5
Unfriended2015HorrorLevan GabriadzeUSA1.5
The Vampire is Still Alive1989Action / HorrorGodfrey HoHong Kong / Thailand2.5
The Warrior and the Sorceress1984Adventure / FantasyJohn C. BroderickUSA / Argentina3.5
Westworld1973Sci-FiMichael CrichtonUSA4
Witching and Bitching2013Comedy / HorrorAlex de la IglesiaSpain / France3.5