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Dec 21

Karate Wars

KARATE-WARSGenre: Action
Year: 1989
Country: USA

aka: Bloodfight 3

Director: David Huey
Starring: Christopher Wolf, Richard Rabago, Gerald Okamura, Elsie Jay, Tad Mathes


A fight in the ring becomes a war in the streets


Jason is an aspiring karate student who is being taught by the karate master Oyama. He is frustrated by his masters lack of focus and that he does not push his students to the max. Jason starts to get into trouble on the streets and eventually ends up in jail. Oyama finally starts to get motivated to train his students again and they make a goal to enter the Karate Wars tournament where they will be able to win a big amount of money.

The lessons start to get better and Jason is starting to stay out of trouble more, but now the rivaling karate class is starting to take notice and when the tournament gets cancelled they end up settling their differences out in the streets, this time for honour instead of money.

Dec 14

Fright House

frighthouseGenre: Horror
Year: 1989
Country: USA

Director: Len Anthony
Starring: Al Lewis, Paul Borghese, Jennifer Delora, Duane Jones, Jackie James


Home is where the heart stops.



Fright House is a collection of two horror stories done by Len Anthony. The first of them has the same title as the film and is about detective Les Morane who is investigating the supposedly suicide of his younger brother. Les uncovers a string of more suicides of young people who all seemed to have sessions with Dr. Victoria Sedgewick and it all leads him into a satanic cult that reside right next to the school campus.

The second story is called Abadon, which is the name of the art school where I think the professor is able to suck the life out of his young students. I’m not totally sure what it was about since it was a big mess and I had a hard time keeping myself focused on the story.

And the reason for that is that this thing is nearly two hours long and terribly awful. There are some unintentional funny scenes, but it is an obscure movie for a reason. They tried very hard to build tension and scare by having generic “horror” music in every goddamn scene of the movie. I hoped that Abadon would be different after surviving the first episode, but that one is just as terrible or perhaps even worse.

Oct 31

Ankle Biters

anklebitersGenre: Action / Horror
Year: 2002
Country: USA

Director: Adam Minarovich
Starring: Adam Minarovich, Jeremy Busbee, Michael Moore, Catherine Minarovich, Timothy Fahey


Three feet tall! Two inch fangs!


If this is not totally correct then I apologize… actually, no I don’t. You try watching this and keep yourself awake enough to gather an idea of what the plot is about. Midget gangster vampires are on the loose in a southern town. They are attacking random hillbilly’s and a blade looking guy is after them. To gain strength they steal an ancient sword that can turn even normal sized people into vampires.

I think that is sorta correct. When you grab a z-grade movie where one guy (Adam Minarovic) is credited as the screenwriter, producer, director and a leading role then you should perhaps avoid any expectations or even dare to watch it. However, how can you say no to a movie with midget vampires right?

Oct 31

Cannibal Hookers

cannibalhookersGenre: Horror
Year: 1987
Country: USA

aka: I Will Dance on Your Grave: Cannibal Hookers

Starring: Drew Godderis, Sky Nicholas, Donald Trimborn
Director: Donald Farmer


Killer Bimbos From Hell!


Hilary (Amy Waddell) and DeeDee (Annette Munro) wants to join the Gamma-Zeta-Beta sorority. To join they have to dress up as whores and get tricks that they have to bring to an address given by the leader of this sorority, Stephanie (Sheila Best). Instead of picking up johns, Hilary’s boyfriend Bruce (Tommy Carrano) and his two friends shows up and they decide to bring them to this mysterious address instead of whoring themselves out to strangers. The address goes to a mansion where a bunch of gothic looking whores resides with some bald cannibal freak named Lobo (Gary Levinson). One of Bruce’s friends stays at this place while the others leave and when he ends up missing they have to figure out what is really happening at this mansion.