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Jun 08

Red Heat

redheatGenre: Drama
Year: 1985
Country: Germany / USA / Austria

Director: Robert Collector
Starring: Linda Blair, Sylvia Kristel, Sue Kiel, William Ostrander, Elisabeth Volkmann





In this prison escape would be a miracle… and death would be a blessing!


Red Heat (1985) - Movie Review


Sep 20

Prison Heat

prisonheatGenre: Drama
Year: 1993
Country: USA

aka: Manhattan Cocktail

Director: Joel Silberg
Starring: Rebecca Chambers, Lori Jo Hendrix, Kena Land, Toni Naples, Gilya Stern




No trial. No trace. No tomorrow.



Sep 04

Human Experiments

humanexperimentsGenre: Horror / Drama
Year: 1979
Country: USA

aka: Beyond the Gate, Women in Prison

Director: Gregory Goodell
Starring: Linda Haynes, Geoffrey Lewis, Ellen Travolta, Lurene Tuttle, Mercedes Shirley


The victims: young female inmates


Rachel Foster is an aspiring country singer who supports herself by touring in stinky bars around the country. She arrives at a southern redneck town where she gets hustled out of half of her salary by the bar owner and on the way to the next small town her car breaks down. She tries to get help from a nearby house but when she enters the house she sees the carnage of a dead family.

She finds a young boy with a shotgun in one of the rooms and it ends with a shootout where she injures him. To make things even worse, the cop who arrives at the scene is the brother of the bar owner that hustled her and she is not set up for the murder of the entire family and sent to a female prison.

Jan 12


hellholeGenre: Horror / Drama
Year: 1985
Country: USA

aka: Hell Hole

Director: Pierre De Moro
Starring: Ray Sharkey, Judy Landers, Marjoe Gortner, Richard Cox, Edy Williams


Captives… stripped naked, forced to submit to The Ultimate Experiment!


Hellhole starts out with an upset mother and her grown daughter (Susan, played by the lovely Judy Landers) talking in a kitchen. They have some sensitive documents in their possession which the mother is planning to take to the cops. While the daughter takes a shower a thug with a bad hairdo named Silk gets into the house and starts to push and threaten.the mother to give up the papers. He ends up choking the mother to death just as the daughter is done with the shower and she runs for her life. The thug goes after her and they end up in a construction yard where she falls down several meters and the thug assumes she’s dead, but she’s not. She is badly injured and with amnesia so she’s sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Apr 30

Barbed Wire Dolls

Year: 1976
Country: Switzerland

original title: Frauengefangnis
aka: Caged Women, Woman Caged

Director: Jess Franco
Starring: Lina Romay, Paul Muller, Monica Swinn, Roger Darton, Ronald Weiss


Prisoners in a barbaric camp of sadistic perversions.


Maria is wrongfully accused of killing her father, who has more than normal feelings for his daughter, and sent to a female prison. In the prison she gets tortured and abused by the demented wardeness and her partner in crime Dr. Costa.

Together with two other inmates, Maria plans how they can excape this hell hole and get their freedom back. And there’s also an undercover mole planted in the prison to expose the dirty things that are going on there.

The story here is pretty lame and an excuse to show sleazy nudity spiced with some torture. Everything here is done a lot better in other exploitation flicks, including some of Franco’s own ones. Franco’s visual choices here are very stripped down and at times even foggy. The pacing is very slow and there focus here is simply to show the beauty of the naked females. The flashback where we see Maria’s father trying to make sweet love to her and she ends up slapping him silly is done in foggy slow motion and looks incredibly ridiculous.

Apr 14

Girls in Prison

girlsinprisonGenre: Crime
Year: 1994
Country: USA

Director: John McNaughton
Starring: Missy Crider, Ione Skye, Angie Ray McKinney, Bahni Turpin, Anne Heche


Two sexy rebels… in the wildest lockup yet!


Aggie O’Hanlon is an aspiring and talented singer who gets framed for the murder of a record label president and is sent to jail. She has never been in jail before and has to quickly adapt to the life behind bars. Even though she is locked up, the people who framed here are still not done with her and her life is constantly in danger.

Rebel Highway was a short-lived group of films produced for Showtime in the mid-90’s that was meant as a revival of the American International Pictures studio. The films where usually set in the 1950’s with a b-movie drive-in tone. Girls in Prison was one of these movies and it was the last film written by Samuel Fuller before he died. It seems like a sort of remake of the 1956 film with the same title and an homage to the women in prison subgenre.

Feb 08

Lust For Freedom

lustforfreedomGenre: Drama / Crime
Year: 1987
Country: USA

Director: Eric Louzil
Starring: Melanie Coll, William J. Kulzer, Judi Trevor, Howard Knight, Elizabeth Carlisle


Bras & brawls behind prison walls!


Gillian Kaites used to be a cop, but after her boyfriend got shot and killed during a faulty police mission she gave up her profession. While driving away from the big city, she picks up a crying female hitchhiker who begs her to drive away fast.

However, Gillian waits on the sheriff that comes right behind them and the hitchhiker starts to run away in the desert. The sheriff wants Gillian to come into town to take her statement, and she agrees. It is not a statement that the sheriff wants though, when she comes into town she gets drugged and thrown in a women’s prison where girls are exploited, sold and even murdered.

Lust for Freedom is another obscure film that Troma decided to pick up. It is a poor women-in-prison film with less action, violence and nudity than the best of them. I’m sure no one would have known about this film if Troma didn’t decide to take it up from obscurity and distribute it to their fans.