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Dec 18


wolfcopGenre: Comedy / Horror
Year: 2014
Country: Canada

Director: Lowell Dean
Starring: Leo Fafard, Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Sarah Lind, Aidan Devine


Dirty Harry… only hairier


Lou is an alcoholic and irresponsible cop working in a small town where people drink, fight and fuck. Lou couldn’t care less of anything that is going on around him as long as he has tequila to enjoy and no work to be done.

One night he gets a case where he has to go out to the nearby woods to investigate a potential satanic cult event. Something happens and he wakes up the day after with no memory of what happened, but what’s clear is that something strange has happened to him as he now transforms into a werewolf when a full moon pops up… turning him into a strong and deadly WolfCop!

WolfCop is a tribute to the b-movies of the past that wasn’t afraid to do stuff that no other movies had done, regardless of how crazy and insane it might be. These Canadian filmmakers wanted to bring that back and show their love for the lower respected side of cinema. And as a child of the 80’s, I’m all for that.

Aug 16

Silver Bullet

silverbulletGenre: Horror
Year: 1985
Country: USA

Director: Daniel Attias
Starring: Gary Busey, Everett McGill, Corey Haim, Megan Follows, Robin Groves


It started in May in a small town and every month after that whenever the moon is full… it came back


The peaceful small town of Tarker’s Mill is being haunted by a serial killer, whose bloodthirst is increasing with every night that goes by. The local townsfolk is getting uneasy with the lack of progress on the murder investigations by the local authorities and are close to taking justice into their own hands.

Marty Coslaw is a local boy who has to spend his life in a wheelchair since he is paralyzed from the waist down. His quirky uncle Red builds him a hybrid between a wheelchair and a motorcycle and while driving around on it, he gets attacked by a monster that he believes is a werewolf. Marty is convinced that it is this monster that is behind all the recent murders, but the only way he can do anything to stop it is if his uncle and his sister believes him and helps him out.

Apr 13

The Howling: Reborn

howlingrebornGenre: Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Joe Nimziki
Starring: Landon Liboiron, Lindsey Shaw, Ivana Milicevic, Jesse Rath, Niels Schneider


Full moon. New blood.


When I first read that there was gonna be a new Howling movie I was sure it would end up being a remake since that’s all Hollywood is able to do these days with the horror genre. I was surprised and almost shocked to find out that this was a sequel! They skipped the 8 part in the title, but still, it’s a sequel to the longest lasting werewolf series (arrest me if I’m wrong). It is a little sad that I’m happy they made a part 8 to this series instead of a remake however, cause except the first movie and maybe one or two of the sequels, the series isn’t very good.

Reborn is about Will, a teenage kid geek who feels like an outsider at his school and also has a crush on one of the hottest girls at his school. He’s also constantly reminded of his mother’s death, which happened at the time of his birth, since his father never got over it. There is a reason why he feels different and at the next full moon he is going to find out exactly what it is.

Apr 12

The Howling: New Moon Rising

howling7Genre: Horror
Year: 1995
Country: USA

aka: Howling VII, Howling VII: Mystery Woman

Director: Clive Turner
Starring: John Ramsden, Ernest Kester, Clive Turner, Jack Huff, Elizabeth She


Somewhere out there a new terror is breeding


Howling 7 is set in a hillbilly town where everyone enjoy themselves at a local bar that plays country music while the good folks do some line dancing. A long-haired Aussie character named Ted shows up one day looking for work and it doesn’t take long before he is hired by the owner of this bar. Shortly after this friendly and kind australian guy has arrived, people start to turn up murdered. A priest and detective are trying to connect the dots of previous murders and the detective believes the cause of all this comes from werewolf activities.

New Moon Rising is the nail in the coffin for the Howling series. Even with all the crappy sequels that have been before this, this one has to be the final end of it. The movie is extremely low budget and utilizes flashbacks from the previous sequels to fill in the story. There’s a lot of scenes with country singing and stupid fart jokes and the entire thing is painful to sit through.

Apr 11

Howling VI: The Freaks

howling6Genre: Horror
Year: 1991
Country: USA

aka: Howling 6, Final Attack

Director: Hope Perello
Starring: Brendan Hughes, Michele Matheson, Sean Sullivan, Antonio Fargas, Carol Lynley


Ian is a drifter that ends up in a dead town in the southern parts of California. He is hired to as a handyman by a local preacher and is able to stay with him and his daughter Elizabeth while working there. Ian and Elizabeth starts to develop a loving relationship, but Ian is keeping his distance since he has a big secret about who he really is.

A traveling circus named World of Wonder arrives shortly after to the town and sets up shop. The owner of the carnival, Harker finds an interest in Ian’s secret and is able to capture him and add him to his freakshow. Ian does get free and at the end Ian and Harker has a final showdown, which is not between two humans but between a vampire and a werewolf.

I’m not sure why but The Howling series never died. The first one did well and is very good, but all of the sequels have to some extent had problems with the final product and they didn’t really do that well either. This story in this one seems to have been created away from the Howling series and then someone figured it was possible to make it if they put the Howling title onto it.

Apr 10

Howling V: The Rebirth

howling5Genre: Horror
Year: 1989
Country: USA

aka: Howling V

Director: Neal Sundström
Starring: Philip Davis, Victoria Catlin, Elizabeth She, Ben Cole, William Stockley


The beast returns!


A mass suicide occurs to end a long running family curse at a big castle in Budapest in the year 1489. One baby however stays alive, meaning the curse also lives on. Fast forward to present time… err 1989 and a group of people are invited to the grand re-opening of the castle (I didn’t catch exactly what type of opening it was).

The group consists of people from all walks of life, professors, actresses, tennis player and so on. Count Istvan is their guide and gives them a brief history of the castle. After that, everyone runs around in the castle for 90 minutes while they get killed off by a werewolf one by one.

Apr 09

Howling IV: The Original Nightmare

howling4Genre: Horror
Year: 1988
Country: UK

Director: John Hough
Starring: Romy Windsor, Michael T. Weiss, Anthony Hamilton, Susanne Severeid, Lamya Derval


A terrifying journey into the gaping jaws of death


Here we are again in wolfland with the fourth installment of the Howling saga. This one is supposedly the film that is closest to the books by Gary Brandner.

Marie (Romy Windsor) is a young author who struggled with anxiety and bad nightmares. Her boyfriend Richard (Michael T. Weiss) plans a relaxing vacation out in a small town called Drakho so that she can get back on her feet. However, out in the open landscape her nightmares seems to increase and she is haunted by howlings in the night and ghosts from the past.

Howling 4 is a direct-to-video horror movie made by the experienced horror director John Hough (Twins of Evil, Watcher in the Woods and American Gothic). His experience in this field combined with the fact that it’s based on a book would make you expect a coherent story and well… make sense. Maybe he would even be able to produce some good acting by Windsor (did some TV work before this and is still acting today, also showed up in Howling 7) and Weiss (mostly known from the tv show The Pretender) who gets the most screen time.

Apr 08

Howling III: The Marsupials

howling3Genre: Horror
Year: 1987
Country: USA

aka: Howling III, Wolfmen

Director: Philippe Mora
Starring: Barry Otto, Max Fairchild, Imogen Annesley, Dasha Blahova, Leigh Biolos


Just when you thought it was safe to go down under


Harry is a teacher and scientist who is fascinated by werewolves and believes he has footage of a real werewolf from Australia. He gets the funds to travel down under to investigate the history of the species and if there is anyone still alive to this day.

Jerboa is a young werewolf from a small clan that lives outside of society. She decides to run away after her stepfather tries to rape her and her meeting with civilization gets her a boyfriend and also a starring role in the movie business where she gets set to star in a low budget horror movie called Shapeshifters #8.

Harry does find the australian werewolves who are actually marsupials, basically a mix between werewolf and kangaroo. After discovering them the australian government sets out a plan to get rid of them and it all ends with the werearoo’s (?) having to make a run for it and flee away from civilization again.

Apr 07

Howling II: Sirba – Werewolf Bitch

Year: 1985
Country: USA

aka: Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf, Horror, Howling II, Howling II: It’s Not Over Yet

Director: Philippe Mora
Starring: Christopher Lee, Annie McEnroe, Reb Brown, Marsha A. Hunt, Sybil Danning


The rocking, shocking, new wave of horror!


Howling 2 starts directly after the first and shows us the funeral of Karen White (the main character from the first Howling). Her brother, Ben is attending the funeral where he meets Stephan, a werewolf expert who is out to find and destroy the werewolf queen Sirba. Together with Jenny, another reporter, they set out for Transylvania where Sirba is supposed to reside.

While the first Howling was a serious horror movie, this one is more of a 80’s silly, hyperactive and fun rollercoaster ride. The werewolves here are a bunch of horny killers. Sirba even has some type of magical powers and none of this actually make much sense. The werewolves are even immune to silver and titanium is now their big enemy. Oh, and there is an exploding dwarf!

Apr 06

The Howling

POSTER - THE HOWLING (2)Genre: Horror
Year: 1981
Country: USA

Director: Joe Dante
Starring: Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Dennis Dugan, Christopher Stone, Belinda Balaski


Imagine your worst fear a reality


Karen White is a tough and TV reporter that is currently putting her life on the line when she agrees to meet the famous serial killer Eddie “The Mangler” Quist while wearing a wire so that the cops can keep track of her and arrest the murderer. The wire is faulty and when she first meet him in a private room in a sleazy adult store, while a rape/snuff film is being shown, she comes very close to being killed but is saved by cops right before Eddie is able to finish her off.

Traumatized after this terrible experience, Karen finds herself unable to work and after being consulted by her therapist Dr. Wagner they both decide that the best thing for her is to take some time off together with her husband on a therapeutic retreat. The retreat is filled with strange and eccentric characters and Karen keeps hearing howlings at nighttime. While Karen is away on the retreat, two of her colleagues are still working on The Mangler case and finds out that there are links between him and the same retreat that Karen is currently at and they must now hurry to warn her before something terrible happens to her.