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Aug 25


Genre: Horror
Year: 1978
Country: USA

aka: Wampyr

Director: George Romero
Starring: John Amplas, Lincoln Maazel, Christine Forrest, Elyane Nadeau, Tom Savini




A vampire for our age of disbelief


Martin (1978) - Movie Review

Sep 26

The Vampire is Still Alive

counterdestroyerGenre: Action / Horror
Year: 1989
Country: Hong Kong / Thailand / USA

aka: Counter Destroyer

Director: Godfrey Ho
Starring: Cynthia Rose, Tony Job, Harriet Browne, Bob Poe, Mick Taft





The great ninja warrior meets his fiercest enemy yet!


The Vampire is Still Alive aka. Counter Destroyer (1989) - Movie Review


Aug 10

Fright Night 2

frightnight2Genre: Horror / Comedy
Year: 1988
Country: USA

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Starring: Roddy McDowall, William Ragsdale, Traci Lind, Julie Carmen, Jon Gries





Welcome back…


Fright Night 2 (1988) - Movie Review


Feb 28

Children of the Night

childrenofthenight2015Genre: Horror
Year: 2014
Country: Argentina

original title: Limbo

Director: Ivan Noel
Starring: Ana Maria Giunta, Toto Munoz, Sabrina Ramos, Lauro Veron


They’ve already begun…


Alicia is a working as a report and gets invited out to a children’s home called Limbo to see how they are running things and living in peace with each other. She is greeted by the elderly woman Erda, who is running the home.

Alicia thinks she is brought there to make a story about the sickness that the children at the home are dealing with, but it doesn’t take long before she is let into the secret that the young ones are not that young after all. In fact, they are all undead vampires, stuck in their young bodies for all eternity and that leaves the question of why they have invited her to their little community?

Children of the Night is a small budget feature film from Argentina. It is not a regular horror film, so do not go into this expecting scares and violent images. Instead the film is a… umm… it’s trying to… I have no idea what the point of this was or what it was supposed to be or who was the target audience for this, if it even had any.

Feb 16

True Blood – Season Six

trueblood6Genre: Horror
Year: 2013
Country: USA

Directors: Stephen Moyer, Daniel Attias, Howard Deutch, Anthony Hemingway, Michael Ruscio, Scott Winant, Michael Lehmann, Romeo Tirone
Starring. Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley


Don’t cry. It’s back.


The sixth season of True Blood continues directly after the end of the fifth one. Eric and Sookie are running away from the Bill, who has now been possessed by the spirit of Lilith. While they arrive safely back in Bon Temp, another threat against vampires arises.

Louisiana’s new governor, Truman Burrell, is going to war against all blood drinkers and he is also very prepared for the war. Sookie is also under a huge threat herself as the murderer of her parents, Warlow, is still after her. In the end both the other vampires and Sookie will need help from Bill, but can he be trusted?

Jan 20

Subspecies II: Bloodstone

subspecies2Genre: Horror
Year: 1993
Country: USA

aka: Bloodstone: Subspecies II

Director: Ted Nicolaou
Starring: Anders Hove, Denice Duff, Kevin Spirtas, Melanie Shatner, Michael Denish


Some things are better left Undead


Radu’s small creatures have been able to save the old vampire from eternal death and he quickly takes advantage of the opportunity to kill off his brother Stefan, but he spares the life of the newly made vampire Michelle because he is starting to develop some feelings for the beautiful girl.

Michelle is struggling with her new life as a vampire and she ends up stealing the Bloodstone and heads out to Bucharest to try to locate her sister Becky for help. But even though she is running away, Radu is not letting her or the Bloodstone get away from him that easily.

The second and third Subspecies films were both shot back-to-back, again in Romania. It was a decision that was probably done due to saving money, but since both films also continue right after each other it also gave them the opportunity to have the same atmosphere in both films and also the same cast. The first thing that fans will notice in this is that the character of Michelle is now played by Denice Duff instead of Laura Mae Tate. I liked Tate more, but it’s not a change that brings the movie down that much anyway.

Jan 07


subspeciesGenre: Horror
Year: 1991
Country: USA

Director: Ted Nicolaou
Starring: Angus Scrimm, Anders Hove, Irina Movila, Larua Mae Tate, Michelle McBride


The night has fangs


Three American college students are in for an experience of a lifetime when they are going to a small Romanian town to study the local culture. They find a nearby castle that holds a gruesome secret of the town.

The castle is the home of an evil vampire named Radu, and it doesn’t take long before the vampire takes an interest in the young American college girls. The girls seek help from a local young guy named Stefan, who unknown to them is actually Radu’s brother.

Subspecies is one of the most popular film series from Full Moon, and for once it doesn’t focus on small puppets (although they had to add some type of strange looking creatures in this one aswell) but rather tackles the old saga of the vampire creature and it does it quite well.

Mar 31

Kiss of the Damned

kissofthedamnedGenre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Xan Cassavetes
Starring: Josephine de La Baume, Milo Ventimiglia, Roxane Mesquida, Anna Mouglalis, Michael Rapaport


Her love will never die


Paulo has found a woman that he is falling more and more in love with, even if she is rejecting his attention at first. His love interest Djuna has a dark and bloodthirsty secret… she is a vampire. A vampire that tries her best to not live on the blood of humans, but rather take the life of animals instead.

She cannot reject her own lust for Paulo and after a while they become a couple. A living man and an undead woman. Their new life together is filled with steamy sex and love, until Djuna’s devilish sister Mimi decides to drop by and change the life of the happy couple forever.

From what I had read before watching Kiss of the Damned, it was supposed to be a very sexy vampire film in the same vein as the 70’s Jean Rollin flicks. So what I expected going in to this was exactly that, a sexy and stylish vampire film. I guess it does succeed in the visual department and some hot stuff in it, but it was honestly not a very fun experience.

Jan 25

Interview With The Vampire

interviewwiththevmapireGenre: Horror
Year: 1994
Country: USA

Director: Neil Jordan
Starring: Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, Antonia Banderas


Drink from me and live forever


The young and up and coming journalist Daniel Molloy is set to have the interview of his life when he is invited by the vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac to write down his story. Louis starts to reveal everything about his life and how he was turned by a vampire named Lestat back in 1791.

Louis describes all the ups and downs of being a vampire and how he was educated in living with the so-called “dark gift” that he has been given. His story is filled with love, guilt, loyalty and the feeling of being an outsider of the world.

Interview With A Vampire is something so rare as a big budget horror film from the 90’s. It is also the first adaptation of the highly successful Vampire Chronicles series by Anne Rice. As always with adaptations from books, the film has to cut down a lot from the story in the book, but with Anne Rice herself writing the screenplay, they were able to keep the most important parts in the film and made it into a very respectable adaptation that fans of the book should be able to approve and enjoy.

Nov 10

True Bloodthirst

truebloodthirstGenre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: USA

aka: Vampyre Nation

Director: Todor Chapkanov
Starring: Ben Lambert, Ewan Bailey, Claudia Bassols, Roark Critchlow, Neil Jackson


Their rise our fall


True Bloodthirst is set in the very near future where vampires have been able to come out of the darkness, thanks to a synthetic blood substitute, and co-exist with humans. In Bucharest, Romania however, an even more dangerous species has emerged and is a threat to both humans and vampires. This new super vampire is a mutation caused by a virus and is creating deadly man-sized vampire bats out of the vampires.

Detective Derricks has been investigating some brutal murders in the USA and is now heading to Romania to find out what is causing this. With him is newly freed vampire hunter Johnny Harker and his gang. When they arrive in Romania they seek out the ancient vampire Anghel and gets information about this new super vampire. One of Anghel’s sons has been infected with this virus and he let’s the crew “borrow” his remaining son Nikolai with them on the mission to stop these super vampires once and for all.

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