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Feb 28

All I Need To Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger

allineedAuthor: Lloyd Kaufman, James Gunn
Media: Book
Year: 1998


From the back of the book:

This is the true story of the moviemaking maverick who co-founded an independent studio twenty-five years ago in a humble broom closet… who used raw hamburgers, Karo syrup blood, and Bromo-Seltzer vomit to create films of questionable artistic and moral value… who battled the MPAA rating board to bring his outrageous vision to the screen… who rejected Madonna after an audition… who defied the Hollywood system and slapped the face of the industry… and who built a B-movie empire filled with Chopper Chicks, Surf Nazis, Kabuki Cops, Nymphoid Barbarians, and a lone hero known as The Toxic Avenger.

This is the story of Troma Studios. A story of guerilla filmmaking at its cheapest, of the American Dream torn limb from limd, and of topless starlets menaced by obscene rubber puppets.”

This book lets us get an insight into the (dirty) mind and also the personal life of Lloyd Kaufman. The premise of the book was that it was supposed to give tips to aspiring independent filmmakers, but as is common with Kaufman, he prefers to do things more entertaining and the book ends up being filled with a lot of funny stuff mixed with his and Troma’s story. The humour works great in the book and it is very enjoyable book to read.

Dec 20

Beyond the Darkness: Cult, Horror, and Extreme Cinema


Author: Phil Russell
Media: Book
Year: 2012


From the back of the book:

Beyond The Darkness is a guide to some of the most shocking, disturbing, and controversial films ever made. Along with plot synopsis, analysis, and background on the directors and actors, there are also details on censorship and the controversy sparked. 

The book also includes chapters on Spanish Horror under the Franco regime, the CAT III phenomenon, Mondo movies and shockumentaries, and an interview with legendary underground filmmaker Nick Zedd. 

Everything from big budget mainstream films to arthouse oddities and obscurities and underground flicks are covered. In this book you’re just as likely to read about despised filmmakers such as Andrey Iskanov, Fred Vogel, and Uwe Boll as you are such vital artists as Abel Ferrara, David Cronenberg, and Lars Von Trier. 

With more than 160 films covered it’s a must-read for anyone interested in the darkside of cinema.

This is the first book by Phil Russell and it covers a wide variety of films that all have one thing in common, they shock and/or disgust people. It is straight forward and goes directly from the intro to the reviews from A to W. The book also has an interview with underground director Nick Zedd, a chapter on spanish horror, the state of movie censorship of today, quick rundown on the current status of the Video Nasties and a short interview with the author that was first published on www.make-your-offer.com.