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Mar 09

Paranormal Entity

ParanormalEntityGenre: Horror
Year: 2009
Country: USA

aka: Paranormal Investigations 3

Director: Shane Van Dyke
Starring: Shane Van Dyke, Erin Marie Hogan, Fia Perera, Normal Saleet


The Finley “Murder” Tapes


Thomas Finley has been convicted of murdering a psychic named Dr. Edgar Lauren. And even worse than that, he is also convicted of raping and murdering his big sister Samantha. Not long after the conviction, Thomas decides to give up on life and commits suicide in prison.

Some tapes are found at their house where Thomas has been filming strange happenings around in his house, especially something tormenting his sister. Their mother Ellen believes at first that all of these happenings can be blamed on the ghost of her late husband David, but after a while these attacks start to get very violent…

When Paranormal Activity became a huge success in cinemas all around the world, it was only a matter of a few weeks before a bunch of independent filmmakers decides to copy the formula and create their own found footage ghost movie. The concept of filming a haunted house movie with a handheld camera makes it look easy and it is a very cheap way to create a film.

Mar 02

Anneliese – The Exorcist Tapes

annelieseGenre: Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

aka: Paranormal Entity 3: The Exorcist Tapes

Director: Jude Gerard Prest
Starring: Yaz Canli, Kai Cofer, Christopher Karl Johnson, Nikki Muller, Annette Remter


The terrifying true story that inspired The Exorcism of Emily Rose


The young German girl Anneliese Michel is behaving strange and keeps doing more and more evil and depraved acts. After not getting any real answers from the doctors, the Michel family decides to bring in a priest to perform an exorcism on Anneliese.

A documentary team from the USA is trying to document the happenings and the heated discussions by the medical team that have arrived and the priests, all concerned about what is best for the young girl who is progressively getting worse and worse. The only thing that survives is these tapes that documented it all…

Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes is another found footage rip-off movie by The Asylum. It does try to do something different this time by setting the film in the 1970’s, although they hardly get the look right at all. It mixes the legend that inspired the Exorcism of Emily Rose movie with the key scenes from The Exorcist in all found footage b-movie glory.

Oct 13

2010: Moby Dick

2010mobydickGenre: Action / Thriller
Year: 2010
Country: USA

aka: Moby Dick

Director: Trey Stokes
Starring: Barry Bostwick, Renee O’Connor, Matt Lagan, Adam Grimes, Dean Kreyling


The world’s biggest creature… and the man who hunts him down


CGI whale vs. CGI submarine! This is a new adaptation of the classic Moby Dick story by Herman Melville, set in todays time and age.

The movie starts with the first encounter between a young Ahab and good ol’ Moby Dick (in this case a HUGE computer animated dick). Moby Dick attacks the submarine that Ahab is a crew member on and after chewing off half the submarine and staring Ahab in the eyes. The setup and battle between the two is made and the movie starts. Then we meet Dr. Michelle Herman who is a specialist in whales and can lure them to her with a whale song generator that she has invented. Ahab, who now is in his 50’s or so wants revenge on Dick so he more or less recruits Herman to his submarine to find the whale and destroy it.

Aug 29

100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck

100ghoststreetGenre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: USA

aka: Paranormal Entity 4: The Awakening

Director: Martin Andersen
Starring: Jennifer Robyn Jacobs, Jim Shipley, Tony Besson, Jackie Moore, Hayley Derryberry


45 years after the massacre, paranormal investigators search for America’s most notorious mass murderer


Richard Speck was a mass murderer who killed several young female student nurses at a dormitory on East 100th Street in Chicago on July 13, 1966. He didn’t just kill them, but used several hours to torture them before stabbing or strangling them to death.

In 2010, a group of young paranormal investigators and a TV crew entered the now abandoned building to investigate the paranormal activities that have been reported to happen in the place. They try to get in contact with the spirit of Richard Speck, but have no idea what evil they are about to unleash upon themselves.

This is another found footage film by the z-grade mockbuster company The Asylum. They did a found footage version of the Amityville story with the awful The Amityville Haunting, an exorcism version with Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes, an alien version with Alien Origin, a Paranormal Activity ripoff with the surprisingly entertaining Paranormal Entity and another with a group of paranormal investigators checking out a place with a terrible history with 8213: Gacy House. It’s understandable why Asylum seem to like the found footage subgenre, since they are very cheap films to make. It’s also funny to see that they do not list these under horror on their website, but have rather created a reality genre for these.

Jun 07

The Haunting of Whaley House

hauntingofwhaleyhouseGenre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Jose Prendes
Starring: Alex Arleo, Arielle Brachfeld, Graham Denman, Stephanie Greco, Carolina Groppa


Just because you don’t believe in ghosts, doesn’t mean they don’t believe in you!


Every city has a legendary haunted house and in San Diego the house is called the Whaley House. Not only is it known for its brutal history, but it has in its modern times also been turned into a tourist attraction where you can get a guided tour through the house.

One of the tour guides is a young girl named Penny and she is not a believer of all of these ghost hauntings that are supposed to take place on her work place. Her friends however are intrigued by the history of the house, so they all get together to spend a night in the house to find out if it is really haunted or not.

The Haunting of Whaley House is another production by the good folks at Asylum. I have a love/hate relationship with that company. I find it funny how they rip off popular films and they are able to get their low budget movies out to the public and also give aspiring filmmakers a chance to prove themselves, but the problem is that the end product is usually very bad.

Apr 02

2-Headed Shark Attack

2headedGenre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray
Starring: Carmen Electra, Charlie O’Connell, Brooke Hogan, Christina Bach Norman, David Gallegos


1 body, 2 heads and 6,000 teeth.


The Sea King boat is headed out for sea with a group of college students under the guidance of Professor Babbish and his wife. The expedition comes to a full halt when the boat gets damaged by the corpse of a dead shark.

The group heads to a nearby abandoned island while some of the crew is working on the boat and they soon find themselves in great danger when not only the island is about to crumble into the sea, but also by the terror of a bloodthirsty 2-headed shark!

Ask yourself this… are you that hungry for new shark films that you would want to see a new one just because the shark has two heads? I did, but would you really want to do that? Are we that hungry for shark films these days? I guess so…

Mar 21

Alien Abduction

alienabductionGenre: Sci-Fi / Horror
Year: 2005
Country: USA

Director: Eric Forsberg
Starring: Megan Lee Ethridge, Griff Furst, Marissa Morse, Patrick Thomassie, Jilon VanOver


The war of the worlds has already begun!


A group of friends have gone out to the woods for a weekend of camping. One of the girls named Jean has wandered off on her own with her video camera and suddenly captures something alien on it, which makes her terrified and she runs back to the rest of her group to tell them what’s happened.

It doesn’t take long before the entire group ends up being abducted and wakes up in a weird and dark room. Jean ends up waking up again, this time presumably back on earth in a military hospital where she is kept and subjected to tests. She is not allowed to leave and now has to find a way to force herself out of this place.

Alien Abduction has a decent story that are done exceptionally bad. There are a decent end twist here, but before you get that far you will wish that the film had ended already. It is an obviously lower than low-budget film, that’s fine and not uncommon for me to watch. But lacking money does not give you an excuse for creating a terrible film with no interesting or good features.