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Mar 22


wizardsGenre: Animation / Adventure
Year: 1977
Country: USA

Director: Ralph Bakshi
Starring: Bob Holt, Jesse Welles, Richard Romanus, David Proval, Jim Connell





The ultimate futuristic fantastic epic


Wizards (1977) - Trailer Commentary


Feb 17

The Toxic Crusaders – The Movie

toxiccrusadersGenre: Animated / Action
Year: 1991
Country: USA

Director: Tony Love
Starring: Gregg Berger, John Mariano, Susan Blu, Chuck McCann, Rodger Bumpass


It’s clean-up time!


Melvin Junko is a geeky janitor at Tromaville’s Health Club who gets picked on by the muscular teens who use the facility. One day the bullies take it too far and Melvin ends up running out of a window and into a can of toxic waste, changing him into a green mutant with superhuman powers called The Toxic Avenger.

He can also sense evil around him and is forced to do whatever he can to stop evil actions from happening. He soon learns that there are other people who have been in contact with radioactive waste and turned into mutant with superhero powers. He joins forces with his radioactive mop, No-Zone and Major Disaster to create the Toxic Crusaders.

The evil Dr. Killemoff from the planet Smogula and his gang of mutant thugs are looking for any opportunity to turn Tromaville into a toxic waste so that it can be invaded by aliens from his home planet and he will do everything from using poison on the citizens, kill Toxie and his friends or even get Toxie married to a Smogulian princess to get past Toxie and his friends to succeed.

Jan 15


braveGenre: Animation / Family
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, Steve Purcell
Starring: Kelly MacDonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Robbie Coltrane


Change your fate


Merida is a scottish princess who is not too happy about being pressured into behaving like a respectable young lady. Instead of dressing up, she rather prefers the free spirited way of life and enjoys spending her days horse riding and playing with her bow and arrow.

Her parents let her know that she will be married to one of the young sons of her father’s allied clans. Merida is not happy with this arrangement and sabotages the competition the young lads has to go through to win her hand. After being disciplined by her mother, she goes off to the woods where she meets a witch who grants her a wish to change her mother. But the wish doesn’t do exactly what she wanted and now she has to find a way to turn her mother back to normal.

Nov 01

Alice in Wonderland: A XXX Parody

aliceinwonderlandGenre: Animated / Adult
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Starring: Jessica Drake
Director: W. Crawford


 The latest in animated erotica



Adult Source Media presents an animated porn version of Lewis Carrolls classic children story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. After having sex with some guy, Alice finds a hole in the ground and enters the magical Wonderland. The first thing that greets her in a very small room is a dildo which she of course tries out for a few minutes. After she cums, she shrinks down to normal size and she gets out of the room and tries to figure out what is going on. She soon finds the Mad Hatter and they get it on.

When they are done, Alice shrinks yet again and hides in the Mad Hatters well… hat, then some henchmen from the evil queen comes to grab her. When they arrive at the evil queens castle, Alice gets out and turns into normal size again and the evil queen is the next to get a taste of sweet Alice. She then has to find a special dildo so she can get home and also bring harmony to Wonderland and free the rest from the evil queen. On her hunt for this magic dildo, Alice has to take a rest stop and in the toilet there is a glory hole where a penis soon shows up and Alice has to play with it of course.