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Jun 13

Visitors of the Night

visitorsofthenightGenre: Sci-Fi / Drama
Year: 1995
Country: USA

Director: Jorge Montesi
Starring: Markie Post, Stephen McHattie, Candace Cameron Bure, Dale Midkiff, Pam Hyatt


They’re watching… they’re waiting… they’re back!!!


Katie is growing up in a broken home and is often in fights with her mother, while her father is more concerned with his job as a politician than taking care of his daughter. Although Katie has potential to do well for herself, she is also exploring her rebel side and it is tearing her and her family even more apart.

At the same time, teenagers in the city is ending up missing and Katie’s mother Judith is being haunted by visions of her past, which are implying that she has been abducted by aliens. She is worried that the same thing might happen to her daughter, but she is struggling with getting through to Katie even though she is sure that she is in danger of getting abducted and subject to inhuman experiments.

Visitors of the Night is a made for TV movie that is more about family drama than aliens. I wouldn’t be surprised if the screenplay was first written as a drama film and then they decided that they needed to make an alien abduction movie and just added a few scenes with that element to it. The few alien scenes, except the awful and sappy ending, are very inspired by X-Files although they are done very poorly.

Apr 25

Apollo 18

apollo18Genre: Horror / Sci-FI
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego
Starring: Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen, Ryan Robbins, Michael Kopsa, Andrew Airlie


There’s a reason we’ve never gone back to the moon.


Apollo 17 was supposedly the last spaceship we sent to the moon. Here we are presented with footage from Apollo 18, a secret mission that went very wrong. Ben Anderson, John Grey and Nate Walker are the astronauts that got the assignment on this mission and everything goes as normal at first.

However are they have explored the moon for a while they find an abandoned russian spacecraft and starts to understand that they have been lied about by NASA and are now in big danger and on their own in space.

The found footage subgenre has been very active over the last few years. The last years there has been several projects that make you expect that it will soon die out. We have a found footage Frankenstein movie coming, to or three found footage Bigfoot movies on their way and a tiredless amount of haunted house stories done and also on their way.

Apr 17

Within The Rock

withintherockGenre: Horror / Sci-Fi
Year: 1996
Country: USA

aka: Armagheddon, Spacegate, Spacetrek, Terror Moon

Director: Gary J. Tunnicliffe
Starring: Xander Berkeley, Caroline Barclay, Bradford Tatum, Brian Krause, Barbara Patrick


The ultimate predator… unleashed


It is the year 2019 and a moon called Galileo’s Child is discovered heading towards planet Earth. A specialized team of miners is gathered for a mission to be sent up to it to planet explosives to change its path.

The team is led by Dr. Dana Shaw and she quickly looses control over the mission to the greedy leader of the miners Ryan. While they stop drilling for a while to carved out some valuable platinum, they accidentally sets free an alien creature that are out for blood. They now have to fight this beast to not only survive themselves, but to also save planet Earth.

An asteroid… no wait, a moon heading towards earth and we send up people to drill it and put explosives in it? Where could I have seen that before… Sounds like Armageddon doesn’t it? Take away the creature and focus more on the crew before they head out into space and give it a lighter mood and a bucketload of millions more and you would be right, and Armageddon came out two years after this.

Feb 19

Space Zombie Bingo

spacezombiebingoGenre: Comedy / Sci-Fi
Year: 1993
Country: USA

aka: Zombie 10: Die Zombier, Zombie 6: Part 2

Director: George Ormrod
Starring: William Darkow, Ramona Provost, Hugh Crawford, Mike Milligan, Katie Barrett


Life’s a beach – even in space!


Planet Earth is in terrible danger. We are on the verge of being invaded by hungry meat eating robot zombies from outer space. It’s up to the Zombie Defence Force, led by Major Kent Bendover and his troops to save the earth and kick some alien zombie butt.

Let’s just get this over with. Space Zombie Bingo is a terrible movie. It’s rare that I get to see something as crappy as this turd. The only explanation I have for its shittyness is if it was made as an homage to Plan 9 From Outer Space and actually attempted to make a piece of shit.

Everything is done bad here, including the supposedly comedy. While other bad films might be funny, this one is just terrible to sit through. I can’t imagine anyone, even fans of crappy films enjoying this and I wish I had spent my time doing something else. Like waxing the hair on my butt.

Jan 16

Men in Black III

mib3Genre: Action / Sci-Fi
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jermaine Clement, Emma Thompson


They are back… in time


Agent K’s old nemesis Boris The Animal gets out of the intergalactic prison that has held him kept away for over forty years. Boris has a plan to get revenge on Agent K and also unleash his Boglodite invasion. His plan is to get back in time and kill Agent K to change the history of time.

Agent K follows after, leaving Agent J in the dark of what’s going on. He wakes up in the changed world and is the only one who remembers K. After doing some investigating, he tracks down a time device to get to 1969 to find the younger version of K and help him destroy Boris and set things right.

It’s been fifteen years since the first Men in Black hit the cinemas together with the smash hit song by Will Smith. A successful sequel came out five years later and ten years after that one we now get the third film of this series, which again proved to be a huge success on the box office.

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