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Nov 22

After Porn Ends

afterpornendsGenre: Documentary
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Director: Bryce Wagoner
Starring: Mary Carey, Asia Carrera, Houston, John Leslie, Randy West


Can they really live a normal life after porn?


Sex sells, nothing new about that statement. The fact that the adult entertainment is a multi billion dollar industry is also not a shocker to most people. There has been many stories about the participants within this industry, most well known stories having a lot of shock value to them. This documentary however tries to give a new light to the actors or sex movies and how their lives become after their fame and fortune of the films have ended.

The documentary is done by having interesting conversations with a few legends of the porn industry, exploring what made them become a part of the industry, how their feelings was when they were active and how their performances has effected their lives today. Since there are several actors interviewed, the documentary never gets under the skin of any of the actors but rather become a collection of different people who get to share a small bit of their life with the camera, some have positive things to say about it and some don’t.

Dec 17

Official Halloween Parody

officialhalloweenparodyGenre: Adult / Horror
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Gary Dean Orona
Starring: Lexi Belle, Chanel Preston, James Bartholet, Dana DeArmond, Carina Roman


The Night He Came!


In 1999 on Halloween night, the young Michael Myers spies on his sister having sex with her boyfriend. After they are done having fun and the boyfriend leaves, Michael puts on a mask and goes into her room while she is masturbating and stabs her to death.

Michael has been kept in an asylum for the next fifteen years, but he is able to get out while the employees are busy having sex. Michael goes back to his hometown and ends up going on a murder spree where he stalks, fucks and kills several young women.

This is one of two Halloween porn parodies that came out during 2011. Zero Tolerance was first with this one and only two month later Smash Pictures released another called Halloween XXX Porn Parody. Zero Tolerance and director Gary Dean Orona have done several porn spoofs the last years including spoofs on Vampire Diaries, Scarface, Friday the 13th, Psycho, Silence of the Lambs and Basic Instinct.

Dec 07

Los Porno Sin Son (La Iniciacion de Bart)

lospornosinsonGenre: Adult
Year: 1992
Country: Argentina

Director: Victor Maitland
Starring: Frank Lorenzo, Samantha Ray, Tony Landers, Chris Noel, Susy Cristal





Ay, caramba! Los Porno Sin Son is an adult Simpson spoof from Argentina, done by the same guy who was behind Las Tortugas Pinja which was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles adult spoof.

This is watched without subtitles, so the plot is described without understanding anything of the dialogue.

The film starts with Bart looking at an adult magazine while Lisa is playing on a penis flute (real flute). He goes downstairs to watch a sleazy adult TV show with Homero (yeah, Homero) while Lisa calls a sex phone and gets entertained by a girl who looks like Lady Gaga. After watching TV for a bit, they start to get excited and calls over the same girl who Lisa was talking to and has a threesome with her. Marge and Lisa later hooks up and has a threesome with the TV personality that runs the adult show that Homero and Bart was watching.

Nov 01

Alice in Wonderland: A XXX Parody

aliceinwonderlandGenre: Animated / Adult
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Starring: Jessica Drake
Director: W. Crawford


 The latest in animated erotica



Adult Source Media presents an animated porn version of Lewis Carrolls classic children story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. After having sex with some guy, Alice finds a hole in the ground and enters the magical Wonderland. The first thing that greets her in a very small room is a dildo which she of course tries out for a few minutes. After she cums, she shrinks down to normal size and she gets out of the room and tries to figure out what is going on. She soon finds the Mad Hatter and they get it on.

When they are done, Alice shrinks yet again and hides in the Mad Hatters well… hat, then some henchmen from the evil queen comes to grab her. When they arrive at the evil queens castle, Alice gets out and turns into normal size again and the evil queen is the next to get a taste of sweet Alice. She then has to find a special dildo so she can get home and also bring harmony to Wonderland and free the rest from the evil queen. On her hunt for this magic dildo, Alice has to take a rest stop and in the toilet there is a glory hole where a penis soon shows up and Alice has to play with it of course.