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The X-Files – Season Two

xfilesses2Genre: Sci-Fi
Year: 1994/95
Country: USA

Directors: David Nutter, Daniel Sackheim, Rob Bowman, Chris Carter, Michael Lange, R.W. Goodwin, Win Phelps, Stephen Surjik, Kim Manners, Nick Marck, James Whitmore Jr., Michael Vejar, James Contner
Starring: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, Steven Williams, William B. Davis


FBI has shut down the X-Files and has put Fox Mulder and Dana Scully has been assigned new tasks at the Bureau. Mulder is put on a very dull surveillance job and Scully is now teaching younger aspiring agents.

However, Mulder’s obsession with the paranormal has not stopped and he uses whatever opportunity he has to keep the work of the X-Files active and he even starts to get assignments that might look ordinary to most, but not to the experienced eyes of Mulder.

Mulder also gets a new partner in Alex Krycek, who presents himself as a believer in Mulder’s work. Mulder also gets a new informant in the mysterious man who just calls himself X. One of the cases they get to work on is a hostage situation where a crazy guy named Duane Berry is holding a group of people, including his old psychiatrist Dr. Hakkie hostage. The case ends with Berry being able to escape from a mental institution and kidnaps Scully to deliver her to the aliens so they can abduct her instead of him.

He succeeds and Scully is now taken. It is also clear that Krycek is a mole and is working for the cigarette smoking man. All of this makes Skinner re-open the X-Files so that Mulder can devote all of his time to find out what has happened to Scully and how he can get her back. She does turn several months later unconscious and in a very bad state. When she is fully recovered, the duo is once again back to working what they do best – paranormal cases that range of everything from alien abduction to demonic possessions.

The second season of the X-Files tighten up the main story plot, but it still has a few dull monster of the week episodes such as Fresh Bones, Død Kalm and Red Museum. On the other hand, highlights outside of the main story are The Host, Our Town and an episode that is perhaps the most creepy X-Files episode of all time – Irresistible with Nick Chinlund as the creepy killer Donald Addie Pfaster. That episode is equal and perhaps slightly better than Tooms and Squeeze from the first season and Chinlund is so god damn creepy here that even Scully is having trouble focusing on the case. I also think that F. Emasculata was very well done and it’s also a highlight well deserving its props in the X-Files universe.

They should also have kept Scully away from the show for a little longer than they did to make the effect of her abduction even stronger. Steven Williams becomes a part of the show as X, the successor of Deep Throat. He is introduced very slowly and you don’t know if we are ever going to understand his motives, but we know he is not the same type of guy as Deep Throat.

The second X-Files season is a great continuation, with some parts being improved and the viewer learning even more of the characters. The main alien mythology story seems more focused, the ending of the series has a great cliffhanger and it’s a fantastic show that every sci-fi fan should see.




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