Mar 16


Year: 1989
Country: USA

Director: Kevin Tenney
Starring: James W. Quinn, Kathleen Bailey, Judy Tatum, Rob Zapple, Jack W. Thompson


This time, it’s not a game


An old house with a tragic history is going to be sold. The sales company thinks that it is a good idea to exorcise out the demons before selling the property on to a new owner. The team that gets the job consists of Dr. Goldberg and her psychic husband Felix together with some of their friends and also to detectives to keep everything safe. The force that is in this house however comes from an evil magician and this is unlike anything these parapsychologists have ever experienced before.

Kevin Tenney did the very fun Night of the Demons just a year previous to Witchtrap, so with that in mind and also his Witchboard movie that was done three years before I had the expectations of seeing another fun and silly horror film with Witchtrap. What I did not expect was a movie with the budget of a home amateur one with dialogue and plot that would match it.

The most annoying part about this is the hardcore detective Vincenti that is supposed to be “bad ass” with his “funny” jokes that just seems like they have been written by a teenager who has just watched Cobra and Commando on repeat twenty times in a row. The only actor I cared about here is Linnea Quigley as the video tech, but that is simply because she is Linnea Quigley. She is killed off while she is in the shower (yes, she gets naked) and after that it’s just boring.

I can’t understand how Tenney ended up doing this. After Night of the Demons he should have had the opportunity (or talent) to do bigger stuff than this crap. He did go on to direct the sequel to Witchboard, which I remember was alright when I watched it back in the 90’s, and after that he has done genre movies that I haven’t watched.

Witchtrap is a late 80’s horror that I don’t think is out on DVD anywhere and there’s a simple reason for that. It just sucks. If you have a needy desire to see Linnea Quigley’s boobs then there are better movies out there where she also displays them. Otherwise I can’t see why anyone would want to go through the trouble by hunting this down.




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