May 09

Wishmaster IV: The Prophecy Fulfilled

wishmaster4Genre: Horror
Year: 2002
Country: USA

Director: Chris Angel
Starring: Tara Spencer-Naim, Michael Trucco, Jason Thompson, John Novak, Victor Webster


Leave no soul unturned


The young couple Sam and Lisa has nearly a perfect relationship. They have found themselves a house where they can create a future for each other and they just couldn’t be happier… that is until Sam gets in a motorcycle accident that leaves him crippled from the waist down.

After this accident, he doesn’t feel like he is good enough for Lisa and takes his own pain out on her. Things get even worse when Lisa receives a gift from their lawyer Steven, a box which contains a jewel with a ferocious Djinn within it. The Djinn gets released and sets his sight on Lisa and will do whatever he can to make her fulfill the prophecy that releases the portal to the Djinn’s, so they can once again walk the earth.

The final Wishmaster film is about… love. Love in all shapes and sizes. We have the lost romance between Sam and Lisa, the lust of the lawyer Steven who wants Lisa and even the Djinn himself gets a little mushy and wants Lisa. All of this is pretty damn boring to watch, making even the return of the archangel Michael a welcome sight even though he is still the lamest archangel a movie camera has ever filmed.

This was filmed back to back with the third entry and the production values and general quality is just as poor as that one. I guess they should get some “props” for going in a different direction here, trying to focus on the relationship between the characters and all of that. Fans of the series though will just want a fun and entertaining horror film, and this just doesn’t have enough quality to win horror fans over.

The acting is ok, John Novak took over as the Djinn after Andrew Divoff and he does seem to be enjoying himself and is quite alright in the part. Tara Spencer-Nairn is good as Lisa, she makes the character come to life and make sense even if we dislike some of her decisions. She is not your average final girl, but a more realistic portrayal of a young woman. Michael Trucco was the best of the cast as Steven, a guy that would be perfect for playing Alex Krycek if the X-Files was ever remade (not that it ever should be). A mixture of being a Djinn and a lawyer makes a very douchy and evil villain and Trucco balances him out nicely.

Chris Angel was the director of both this and the third entry. A fun fact is that the first Wishmaster film was presented by Wes Craven, and Angel also did a sequel to another horror film that was presented by Wes Craven called The Fear from 1995. I saw that sequel, The Fear: Resurrection while being at a friend’s house where he had gathered a bunch of potheads so I’m not sure if it was something in the air or not that evening, but I thought that film was entertaining and have to wonder why Angel didn’t inject these films with as much fun as he did in that one.

Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled is a poor ending to a franchise that had the potential of becoming something much more. The Wishmaster was one of very few successful attempts at creating a horror icon in the 90’s and it sucks that they weren’t able to make a better franchise out of the character. It could have become something much more than this.




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  1. John Coktoesson

    Maybe a so-so horror movie but Tara Spencer is super hot and never looked better than she did here. This movie deserves a watch just to she how beautiful she is not to mention one of the finest bodies in Hollywood back in the day. Simply gorgeous.

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