May 08

Wishmaster III: Beyond the Gates of Hell

wishmaster3Genre: Horror
Year: 2001
Country: USA

aka: Wishmaster 3: Devil Stone

Director: Chris Angel
Starring: Jason Connery, A.J. Cook, Tobias Mehler, Louisette Geiss, Aaron Smolinski


Three wishes, one nightmare


The young girl Diana Collins accidentally opens a strange jewel box containing a fire opal gem and releases an evil Djinn to the world. The Djinn’s first victim is Professor Barash and the Djinn takes the professors skin to roam freely amongst the college students.

He is now after Diana, who he need to fulfill three wishes for so the gates between the human world and the world of the Djinn’s can be opened for good. Diana has to rely on her non-believing friends and an angel to save herself and the world from the terror of the Wishmasters.

In every big horror franchise there comes a point where you feel like the magic is over and nothing that they do past the current movie will ever get it back on track. With the Wishmaster it would only come to part 3 before that feeling occurred. The first thing people will notice is that there is no Andrew Divoff in this one. I guess he wasn’t happy with the lack of quality from the second film and wished himself out of the franchise.

Since there was never just one Djinn and the human look of him randomly became the face of Divoff, I have no problems with them going on without him. The problem here however is that everything seems to have gone down way too much in quality. The story, production values, acting and even the tone of this seems drastically altered from the first and second film, almost making this and the fourth entry become their own little entity.

The heroine in this film is Diana, played by the cute actress A.J. Cook. She is supposed to be a good virgin type of final girl, but instead of coming off as innocent, she becomes quite annoying very quickly. One of her wishes is for the archangel St. Michael to come down from heaven to help her. Not a bad wish, by all means, but what a shitty angel he is. He comes down with a sword and takes over the body of her boyfriend Greg, gets blue eyes and starts to talk in a voice that I would hardly call angelic. I also have to wonder how this experience would work from Greg’s point of view, must be interesting to have an angel inside of your body I guess?

The new Djinn is more silly and less menacing than the previous one, but the killing scenes are still creative enough at times to keep fans entertained including a scene with a wish of a girl who wants to lose weight who then of course ends up puking up all of her guts. The ending of the film will make fans of romantic comedies and soap operas happy, while people like myself and probably the readers of this unhappy.

Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell is a poor film and this time, being a fan of the Wishmaster series won’t be enough to keep you entertained. I can’t see anyone becoming a fan of this film and the entire experience can be summed up by the word “meh”.




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