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Wishmaster II: Evil Never Dies

wishmaster2Genre: Horror
Year: 1999
Country: USA

Director: Jack Sholder
Starring: Holly Fields, Chris Weber, Al Foster, Andrew Divoff, Vyto Ruginis


Evil has been summoned… again!


A robbery attempt at a museum goes wrong, causing the death of Morgana’s boyfriend and also once again unleashing the Wishmaster from the fire opal gem. The djinn takes on human form and takes full responsibility for the robbery attempt so he can be sent to jail.

He does this so he can start to recruit the 1000 souls he needs to open the vortex for the rest of the djinns to cross over to the human world. Since Morgana is responsible for unleashing the Wishmaster, she is having nightmares about him and feeling linked to him and together with her priest friend Gregory she has to find a way to stop him before it’s too late.

When they created the first Wishmaster movie, a franchise surely was in their thoughts and no one who saw that one could be surprised that there would be a sequel made to it. While the first one was good and fun, this one is more of a mixed bag.

Jack Sholder took over the show this time and did both the screenplay and the directing here. Sholder was no stranger to the horror genre by that point, having done Alone in the Dark, Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge and The Hidden, but it had been some years since his last enjoyable film and I’m sure this thing would have turned out better if the work had been spread out a little, particularly when it comes to the story since it comes off very lackluster.

I’m not sure what the idea behind the decision of introducing the leading girl as a thief was, but it sure was a poor one. They make her go through some crap to redeem her previous sins so she can be pure when she goes up against the Djinn, but nothing about the character works very well except that Holly Fields who plays her is quite easy on the eyes.

The Djinn spends most of the time within the prison bars and is enjoying his soul collecting there. Andrew Divoff comes off a little more comedic instead of intense this time around and he is still the highlight of these films and very fun to watch. You could say that he is an actor that deserves to do better films than this, but I’m sure this was a fun part to play aswell. And if his future career would go down the drain, he could always hit the horror convention scene and brag about his portrayal as the Djinn.

The sequel also suffers from having poorer effects than the first one. Some of the killing scenes are executed well enough, including a scene where a lawyer fucks himself to death after having that wished upon him by a client, but overall you would expect a little better after some awesome gory scenes in the first film.

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies is not a great film, but a decent time filler for those who enjoyed the first one. I’m one of those and since I love seeing Divoff as the Djinn, I have no problem overlooking some of the flaws in this one. Recommended for fans of the first, while others should just find something else to spend their time with.




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