Jun 15

Watchers II

watchers2Genre: Horror
Year: 1990
Country: USA

Director: Thierry Notz
Starring: Timothy Marlowe, Marc Singer, Tracy Scoggins, Jonathan Farwell, Irene Miracle


As long as it’s out there, there’s no safe place


The government has been working on a warfare experiment for quite some time. They have genetically altered a golden retriever to be smarter than your average dog and make it able to both communicate and think like a human being.

The other experiment however has created a mutated monster who is determined to kill the dog, no matter what comes in its way. Both of them gets out of the laboratory, and the dog seeks help by a marine solder named Paul Ferguson to stay alive.

Watchers 2 is actually sort of a reboot of the series. It stays closer to the Dean Koontz novel than the first one, but it is also an inferior version than the original Watchers. While the first had a very charming relationship between Corey Haim’s young character and the golden retriever, the relationship between a grown marine soldier and the dog does not do the same for me here.

It trades the cuteness of the first with a darker world here. Even though this is a much darker film, we still get to see more of the monster here than we did in the first one. The monster is a guy in a rubber suit here and it looks cheesy and silly. They should have kept it more in the dark, especially since they did attempt to make it more scary this time.

Marc Singer had the part of the marine soldier Paul. They did try to give the character some boyish traits and made him more muscle than brains. He is kind of something that you would usually see as a decent goofy sidekick for a 80’s action film.

Of course we go through the same shock and surprise when he finds the golden retriever, this time named Einstein and finds out how smart he is. He also gets a love interest in the previous scientist who worked with Einstein before he got loose, Dr. Barbara White. She is played by Tracy Scoggins and she is not a very developed character, but she works.

Watchers 2 is directed by Thierry Notz, who did another Roger Corman produced horror movie called The Terror Within the year before this. Interesting enough, the monster in that one looks a lot like the one in this film. His career didn’t go anywhere after this and only did two more movies during the 90’s.

Watchers 2 is not a terrible film, but it feels unnecessary. How hard could it be to get Corey Haim to reprise his role as Travis from the first one? The cuteness of the intelligent golden retriever doesn’t work a second time around and the film ends up being a mediocre entry to this quadrilogy.




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