Jun 03

Warrior Queen


Genre: Drama
Year: 1987
Country: USA

Director: Chuck Vincent
Starring: Sybil Danning, Donald Pleasence, Rick Hill, Josephine Jacqueline Jones, Tally Chanel



This movie is set in Pompeii,. 79 AD. We are introduced to the Warrior Queen Berenice when her caravan is attacked and a sword fight erupts. Then we see 20 people being brought into a city while the residents throws rotten fruit at them and shouts bad names towards them. They are then sold as slaves in an auction bid to the pimps of the city.

The auction is done by hanging the slaves upside down in fully nude in front of the crowd while the bidding is going on. While the auction is ongoing Berenice arrives in Pompei. One of the slaves is a young and beautiful blonde virgin who goes for the highest price to an one-eyed rich fellow who resides in the House of Venus. Berenice is invited to a dinner and entertainment by Clodius, the ruler of Pompeii, who tries unsuccessfully to impress the royal highness.

Meanwhile at the house of Venus Goliath, a big muscular looking gladiator, attempts to rape our sweet virgin but gets interrupted by our hero gladiator Marcus. They start to fight but now the Warrior Queen interrupts and puts an end to this nonsense. We then get to witness the roman games which includes fighting between gladiators, animals and all kinds of fun stuff for the whole family. Then our young virgin goes on a picnic trip with a gladiator she’s now started to get fond of only to be interrupted by raping gladiator. Fight occurs and gets broken up, yet again by Warrior Queen. At the end a big volcano erupts which destroys Pompeii and kills a lot of people. The end.

Did any of that make sense to anyone out there? Director Chuck Vincent had done about 30 movies before this so you would think that he was able to put a movie together by now. The only thing this movie gives you when you’re done with it is a lot of questions. Why did Clodius want or need to impress the Warrior Queen? Did he need her alliance? Did he want her to do something for him?

Who was the Warrior Queen anyway? The only character development we got to see from her was that she could swing a sword in the intro and that she pops up whenever our virgin needs help. Is she telepathically connected to her and only her? Or all virgins? Should she be renamed as the Virgin Queen, which would surely provide enough sales on the title alone?

What was so special about the virgin? Who was she, where did she come from, why should we care about her? Everything that happened in the movie was completely pointless. If this was meant to be a peek into the roman lifestyle of the time then why even introduce the characters as someone we should pay attention to?

The sad part is that the setup and the look of the movie was alright. I would have no problem seeing an action/fantasy movie with this setting. And when you have Donald Pleasence, hot women and some big muscular gladiators then you should do better, a lot better.




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