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The Walking Dead – Season Two

thewalkiingdead2Genre: Horror
Year: 2011/12
Country: USA

Directors: Ernest Dickerson, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, Phil Abraham, Billy Gierhart, Guy Ferland, David Boyd, Michelle MacLaren, Clark Johnson, Greg Nicotero
Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Jon Bernthal, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun



After the CDC Center got blown up, our gang decide to travel to Fort Benning to seek refuge there. They come across a big blockade of cars on the road and while searching through them to gather any useful supplies, a zombie horde comes towards them. During all of the commotion, the young Sophia gets lost in the woods and they start a rescue party to track her down. While they are out searching for her, Rick’s son Carl gets accidentally shot by a hunter and they rush him to a farm that is owned by a veterinarian named Hershel Greene.

Hershel does what he can do help Carl with aid from Shane and the hunter who goes to find medical equipment and also with the help of Rick who has to give blood for Carl to hang on. The rest of the gang are allowed to stay at the farm while Carl is recovering. They use their time to search the woods for Sophie without any luck.

Rick is pleading and trying to convince Hershel that everyone will benefit from him letting the group stay at their farm after Carl is fully recovered. His wife Lori is expecting a child and Rick hopes that will convince Hershel to show kindness towards the group, but Hershel feels that it’s better that the group moves on instead. Shane is starting to get frustrated and irritated about everything going on and believes that the group needs to stop looking for Sophie and rather focus on what they are going to do next. He also believes that the baby Lori is carrying is his after they had a fling while Rick was in the hospital at the start of season one.

Glenn has started a relationship with Hershel’s daughter Maggie and he leaves her a note one night saying that they should meet up in the barn. Maggie hurries out, but before she can get to him Glenn has already seen that the barn is filled with zombies. Glen ends up telling the others who are arguing on what they should do. Shane and a few of the others feel that it’s best to just take the zombies down right away, while Rick wants them to respect Hershel’s decision in the matter since it is his farm. Hershel wants them kept “alive” since they are his relatives and friends, but Shane snaps one day and arms the others while Rick and Hershel are in the woods catching a trapped zombie. When they come back with the zombie on a leash, Shane gets riled up and unlocks the barn and makes the zombies come out from it. The group shots them down one by one until the last one comes out, which turns out to be Sophie. Rick shots her in the head while the other stands frozen and are unsure of what to do.

Hershel wants the group to clean up after the massacre they have created and then leave his land once and for all. Hershel goes into the abandoned town nearby all alone to have some drinks at a bar. Rick and Glenn follow after to find him and when they get there they meet two other men who they do not trust and gunfire becomes necessary and Rick kills them both. The two men where not alone though and when the others from their group start to search for them, Rick and company has to find a way to get out so they can head back to the farm. This also doesn’t end peacefully and there are more shootouts and murders. Before they head home they do rescue one of the injured ones from the other group, a young guy who has damaged his leg badly.

Upon return, Hershel works on fixing the young guys leg while the others argue what they are gonna do with him. Shane and some of the others think it’s best to kill him so he cannot reveal to the rest of his group where they are hiding. Rick wants to blindfold him and let him loose to survive on his own somewhere. When the kid recovers, the group decide that it’s best to follow Rick’s order and he together with Shane blindfolds the kid and takes him into the city where they let him loose. The kid begs for their help and mentions that he knows who Maggie is and also where the farm is. Shane and Rick gets into a scuffle which causes a bunch of zombies to come out and attack them. They end up escaping them and takes the kid back to the farm where they tie him up in the barn. Everyone in the group, except Dale, think it’s a good idea to execute the young man.

Before they get to that part, Dale gets attacked by a zombie out in the fields and the rest kills him before he turns into a zombie. Shane takes their prisoner out in the woods and breaks his neck. He then smashes his head into a three to make it look like he was attacked by the young bloke and runs back to get “help”. Rick doesn’t buy the story and in the end they have a face off that ends with Rick shooting Shane. The same night, a big horde of zombies attack the farm and the group has to run for their lives.

The second season of The Walking Dead was split in two, giving us a total of thirteen episodes that mostly take place on Hershel’s farm. The production was troubled due to a very restrict budget and tension behind the scenes which caused AMC to fire Frank Darabont midway through production. While we won’t notice the loss of Darabont in this season, we do see the lack of budget here since most of this show takes place on the farm with the group arguing between themselves and the obvious lack of zombies. Especially the first half is lackluster and they spend several episodes on searching for Sophia with nothing else of importance happening. Originally the opening episode was supposed to be totally different, but was changed due to the budget problems which is too bad since the synopsis of the original one was quite good and a nicer way to start off a new season.

If you’re gonna have a dramatic show that focuses on the characters then you should try to at least make some of them likeable. We didn’t get to know the characters that much in the first season due to the low amount of episodes, but here we do get to see what they are about, sadly. Our main guy Rick Grimes walks around looking very sweaty and is doing his best to be the “good guy” to the point of being naive and irritating. I can understand that he is stressed out cause his wife Lori is a character that would be better suited on The Days of our Lives. She has high and mighty morals when it comes to the actions of others, but forgets that she is the one that has slept around with her husbands best friend and acts like a twat towards almost everyone during this season. It might sound harsh considering she is pregnant during this season, but it would be much better if she had died in the car accident she had midway through the show. Their son Carl also gets very annoying with his supposedly mature speaking and emotionless look. I guess it would be too much to expect great acting from the young actor Chandler Riggs since most of the adult and experienced actors he is with delivers abysmal performances aswell. And Shane… perhaps the dumbest guy on the show. He walks around mean mugging the butterflies on the ground and basically acts aggressive, big headed and stupid all the time. Why the rest of them didn’t kill him off early is beyond me, since he was the biggest threat to the entire group.

Dale was one of the very few likeable characters although he also had some weird traits about them, like what was his obsession with Andrea? That girl is such an egocentric and careless person that I can’t see what good he saw in her. Daryl is perhaps the easiest guy to enjoy in this show since he keeps to himself and doesn’t engage in all the silly drama. They did do a lot to make him into a good hearted guy in this season but threw it all away when they made him torture the young guy they held captive. Hershel, played by Scott Wilson, is an alright character. He is old school and looks after his family and puts them ahead of anything. And that leaves us with Glenn and his new girlfriend Maggie. A cute couple that hasn’t got enough screen time to turn all emotional on us, even though they where close.

There are a lot of inconsistencies in this show. In the first season, the zombies were attracted to sound and smell. Here however, a big horde walked by while the group where hiding under cars and stuff like that. Shouldn’t they smell them this time or has their noses deteriorated that much since the first season? And what happened to the guys from the first season that Rick was gonna stay in touch with? How come the barn at the farm had a bunch of zombies but nobody noticed the sound they where making until they were told that they where there? How is it possible that the zombies suddenly are surround the humans without being noticed in the first place, are we talking about zombies with ninja skills here? And why are all of these people complaining and arguing all day? The weather is always nice, there’s not any danger around until all thousand zombies pop up at once at the end and things look kind of nice at the farm. The people are actually the biggest threat to their own lives, acting as dumb as they possibly can.

Due to the lack of zombies, the soap opera feeling and terrible characters, The Walking Dead – Season 2 was a huge disappointment for me. I checked out the comic book that it is based on while watching the second season and even though I hardly ever read comic books, writer Robert Kirkman did create an excellent apocalyptic world that was engaging and exciting. It’s too bad that AMC couldn’t do it justice, cause it has a great premise and interesting characters to make a TV show from.




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