Jun 13

Visitors of the Night

visitorsofthenightGenre: Sci-Fi / Drama
Year: 1995
Country: USA

Director: Jorge Montesi
Starring: Markie Post, Stephen McHattie, Candace Cameron Bure, Dale Midkiff, Pam Hyatt


They’re watching… they’re waiting… they’re back!!!


Katie is growing up in a broken home and is often in fights with her mother, while her father is more concerned with his job as a politician than taking care of his daughter. Although Katie has potential to do well for herself, she is also exploring her rebel side and it is tearing her and her family even more apart.

At the same time, teenagers in the city is ending up missing and Katie’s mother Judith is being haunted by visions of her past, which are implying that she has been abducted by aliens. She is worried that the same thing might happen to her daughter, but she is struggling with getting through to Katie even though she is sure that she is in danger of getting abducted and subject to inhuman experiments.

Visitors of the Night is a made for TV movie that is more about family drama than aliens. I wouldn’t be surprised if the screenplay was first written as a drama film and then they decided that they needed to make an alien abduction movie and just added a few scenes with that element to it. The few alien scenes, except the awful and sappy ending, are very inspired by X-Files although they are done very poorly.

It fills up the running time with plenty of family drama subplots, including the broken relationship between Judith and her ex Bryan, Katie’s relationship with her rebel boyfriend and the stupid stuff they get themselves into, Judith’s potential relationship with a local sheriff and more and more and more. It’s all stuff you would not want to sit through and watch when you are expecting to watch a movie about aliens.

Even though the film focus on the family drama, that part of the movie isn’t even written very well. Katie is the most important character and she is all over the place. On one hand, she is a rebel punk kid who dates a dumb motorcycle type of boyfriend. On the other side, she is a booksmart and into saving the environment and all that good stuff. She is understanding and caring at times and other times she just snaps and is bitchy for no reason. Now that might sound like a realistic teenage girl, but it does not work in this film and just seems unfocused and sloppy done.

The acting is decent enough for the material and the fact that it is made for TV. The few aliens that we do see are alright, but since we hardly get to know anything about them I didn’t care at all when they first do show up. The film is directed by the Chilean filmmaker Jorge Montesi. His biggest film is the poor Omen IV: The Awakening and he also followed this film up with another alien film called Night Visitors the year after doing this.

Visitors of the Night is missing actual visits during the night. It is an alien abduction film hidden within a family drama movie. No drama film with poorly written characters will ever work and the ending is the only part that causes some emotions out of the viewer but sadly it is anger since it is done so poorly. I can’t come up with any reason why you should seek this film out.




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