Mar 25

The Victim

thevictimGenre: Thriller
Year: 2011
Country: USA

Director: Michael Biehn
Starring: Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc, Ryan Honey, Danielle Harris, Denny Kirkwood


Who is the victim?


Annie and Mary are two strippers who have agreed to go on a date with two police officers. They planned to have a nice time with a couple of beers, some coke and sex out in the woods but things go bad when one of the cops ends up snapping Mary’s neck while they are having sex.

Annie tries to get away from them and ends up finding comfort when she comes across Kyle who lives a secluded life in a nearby cabin. She tells him what has happened and when the cops find Kyle’s cabin, her only chance of survival exist if he believes that she is telling the truth.

The Victim is a film directed, written and starring Michael Biehn. The script was written in only three weeks, the film was shot in twelve days and the budget was only $800,000. It is a very simple film that doesn’t try to challenge the viewer, but instead just wants to deliver easy entertainment with interesting characters.

It doesn’t work that well for me since I think the story is way to simple. I know there were budget limitations of course, but I don’t see why Biehn believed that this was a story worth telling. So even while the execution was decent, the film just wasn’t that interesting in my eyes.

The film is tame on violence and the sex scenes in it are mostly done realistic and not exploitative. The film is mostly character driven, but few of the characters are very interesting. Michael Biehn’s own character Kyle is perhaps the best one. Kyle is a recluse who avoids contact with people. He has a no-bullshit attitude and even if he gives the impression that he is a good guy, you wouldn’t be surprised if he was to suddenly snap and go on a murder rampage.

Biehn’s real life wife Jennifer Blanc plays Annie, a stripper who does what she have to in order to survive. The role doesn’t have that much else to offer and Blanc is alright in it. The nudity she provides is appreciated, but it was kind of weird that her sex scene with Biehn didn’t show more chemistry considering they are partners in real life.

A favorite of mine, Danielle Harris shows up in the role of Mary. Half of the screen time she gets is spent having sex while she is bending over a rock. I have seen her give better performances in other films, but it is always nice to see her in a film. I didn’t care much for either Ryan Honey or Denny Kirkwood as the two cops. Their looks would fit better as cops in a porn or comedy film. It didn’t help that their acting was average at best either.

The Victim is decent at best. I didn’t care much for the film, since it’s simplicity makes it hard to care about what is going on. If it were in the hands of a more experienced director and perhaps was a little more sleazy, then it could have worked but Biehn didn’t wanna go too far with this film and the end result is that The Victim is poor and a film I will probably have forgotten after a few months.




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