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Vampire Bats

vampirebatsGenre: Horror
Year: 2005
Country: USA

Director: Eric Bross
Starring: Lucy Lawless, Dylan Neal, Liam Waite, Timothy Bottoms, Craig Ferguson


It’s feeding time


Believe it or not but Vampire Bats is actually a follow-up to Locust (2005), another made for TV horror movie were people are attacked by animals. Both of these movies have one thing in common and that’s Lucy Lawless, the actress famous for her portrayal of Xena: Warrior Princess. In this one, she plays Maddy Rierdon. Maddy is a former government scientist and now a biology teacher at a high school where a bunch of bratty kids go. You won’t remember the names of any of the kids when the movie is done anyways.

Vampire Bats follows the same concept that most of these movies does. Some chemical waste gets leaked out to the nature and nature mutates and fights back, in this one by bloodthirsty Vampire Bats. Our Xena… errr… Lucy has to fight against the corrupt officials to get the job done and get rid of these bats before they are able to leave all the locals dead.

The CGI bats look like crap and seem more fitting for the Syfy channel. The puppet bats however look good. There is little blood in this since it was made for TV, but there’s sadly not a lot of thrilling scenes either. Some of the girls in the movie is nice to look at, including Lucy Lawless who is still in good shape in this. Some of the setup is just ridiculous. The teens are having an underground rave party and all the bats are underneath the ceiling with no one noticing. I’m not sure how accurate the concept of bats being attracted to certain sounds is, but it seems dumb in this movie.

Vampire Bats ends up being a forgettable movie and if you for some reason really want to see a movie with bats then I would even recommend the 1999 movie simply titled Bats. If you are a big Lucy Lawless fan then I guess you won’t mind sitting through this.




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