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True Blood – Season Six

trueblood6Genre: Horror
Year: 2013
Country: USA

Directors: Stephen Moyer, Daniel Attias, Howard Deutch, Anthony Hemingway, Michael Ruscio, Scott Winant, Michael Lehmann, Romeo Tirone
Starring. Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley


Don’t cry. It’s back.


The sixth season of True Blood continues directly after the end of the fifth one. Eric and Sookie are running away from the Bill, who has now been possessed by the spirit of Lilith. While they arrive safely back in Bon Temp, another threat against vampires arises.

Louisiana’s new governor, Truman Burrell, is going to war against all blood drinkers and he is also very prepared for the war. Sookie is also under a huge threat herself as the murderer of her parents, Warlow, is still after her. In the end both the other vampires and Sookie will need help from Bill, but can he be trusted?

The fifth season calms down a bit from the too fastly paced fifth season. It is still polluted with too many subplots and characters, something that has been a big problem of the series for a few seasons now. I’m still not sure why the Tara character is still a part of this show and the subplots regarding the shifters and werewolves with the Sam and Alcide characters are boring as hell to me. I would have prefered for all of those to have been cut out or just reduced to minor characters by now, but they probably have their fans and the creators can’t seem to do the right thing by giving them up in fear of pissing off fans.

The story this time around isn’t that bad, to give the advantage to the humans was a fresh take on the everlong humans vs. vampires battle. It is a storyline that should have went on longer, perhaps over two seasons instead of just one. Or it should have been the main focus for the entire seasons instead of getting lost within plenty of subplots. It also doesn’t help that this season has been decreased to ten episodes instead of the usual twelve. The second storyline concerns Sookie and her new villain Warlow. I don’t wanna give spoilers regarding that character but it was quite an underwhelming plot concerning how the character was introduced in the final part of the last season.

The few new characters, like Ben and Niall, adds very little to the show. Although Niall is played by Rutger Hauer and he does bring the character more to life than what the script does. Ben, portrayed by Robert Kazinsky is introduced as a new love interest to Sookie. He is another fairy with a darker side to him, which is hardly even attempted to hide. It’s getting stale to see Sookie with another love interest practically every season by now and it’s funny to remember that she started out as a virgin in the first season.

The sixth season of True Blood is for fans of the show only. It has too many problems and the stories doesn’t flow together very well like it did in the first two seasons. This season doesn’t add anything interesting to the characters and if it was never created it wouldn’t really have mattered at all. The next season is supposed to be the last and that might be a good decision.




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