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True Blood – Season Five

tb5Genre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Directors: Daniel Minahan, Michael Lehmann, David Petrarca, Romeo Tirone, Daniel Attias, Michael Ruscio, Stephen Moyer, Scott Winant, Lesli Linka Glatter
Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Alexander Skarsgård, Ryan Kwanten


The fifth season of True Blood takes part right after the fourth one with Sookie shooting Debbie Pelt after Debbie had killed Tara while trying to kill Sookie. Pam arrives soon after looking for Eric and they make a deal that involves Pam turning Tara into a vampire. Alcide shows up shortly after Pam and Tara has gone into the ground and lets Sookie know that Russell Edgington is now on the loose. When Tara comes out of the ground, she is pissed and attacks anyone near her. Pam commands her to stay at Sookie’s house and not hurt Sookie or Lafayette who is trying to take care of her. She ends up running out of the house one night after cussing them both out.

Bill and Eric has gotten themselves into a problem with the authority and is kidnapped with objective of being taken to the headquarters where they are gonna come face to face with the vampire authority. Eric meets Nora, his sister on the way to authority and they have strange and intimate relationship. At the authority headquarter they are tortured and interrogated about a group working against the authority calling themselves Sanguinistas who believe that humans are simply food and that vampires are superior beings. Bill and Eric are spared after Bill reveals that Russell is on the loose and they get the mission to take him down.

Bill and Eric needs Sookie’s help in tracking down Russell and she and Alcide joins them on their hunt. They find out that a female vampire from the authority has set Russell free and they track down his whereabouts. He is still recovering from his captivity and they are having a good fight against him before soldiers of the vampire authority comes in and takes them all back, minus Sookie and Alcide, to their headquarters. Eric and Bill are now on the good side of the authority, but things turn once again when Russell is released and kills the Roman, the leader of the group and takes control over the authority. They hold a ceremony and drink the blood of Lilith, an ancient godlike vampire. Her blood is so old that it acts like a drug for the vampires and they go rampage out in the streets and also get hallucinations about Lilith. After this bloodthirsty night they are now turning into Sanguinistas and are planning to stop the supply of TruBlood across the world and make vampires again feed on humans, the way it was always supposed to be according to Lilith.

Jason tells Sookie that he and Andy had a weird night where they entered a fairy nightclub. Sookie convinces Jason to take her to this place where they find their cousin Hadley. Sookie is told the story behind their parents death, which was not an accident but was rather caused by a vampire. Sookie stays at the fairy nightclub after she finds out that Russell has left the authority and is after her. Eric is able to get away from the authority and is trying to save Sookie while Bill is getting more and more obsessed with the blood of Lilith. Eric is able to arrive right before Russell is going to enter the fairy nightclub and drink them all clean. They then go on a mission to rescue Bill from the authority headquarters, but when they arrive Bill has already consumed all of Liliths blood and is now a much darker, powerful and evil being.

Hoyt was still down after his breakup with Jessica and couldn’t find any joy in his life anymore. He started to hang out with a bad bunch of rednecks and some nights he also dressed up as a typical “fangbanger” and cruised the scene at Fangtasia, looking for a vampire to give him some attention and taste his blood. He ends up being tired of everyone and everything and seeks out a new life outside of Bon Temps. Alcide has problems with his pack and also falls for Sookie. Terry Bellefleur has a fire monster after him and together with an ex-army buddy he tries to find the source and reason for why this thing is after them. Andy finds himself a fairy that he has a one night stand with and she ends up being pregnant and gives birth to four little fairy babies. Sam and Luna find themselves in great trouble when a bunch of redneck hillbilly’s in Obama masks starts to shoot every supernatural being they find.

The fifth season of True Blood starts off with a very fast pace and doesn’t really take a pause before it’s halfway through. A lot of plots, subplots and twists are created. The main plot with Bill and Eric at the authority works and is interesting, the plots for the supporting characters however does not. What where they thinking when they made the fire monster? It looked like something out of a bad Syfy movie. And what did turning Tara into a vampire do for the show? She was still as annoying as before, just now she became dead annoying. The subplots just really stunk this year and they where trying to do too much with every character and very little of it did anything to change any of them.

They did actually tone down the focus on Sookie this year, which was a good decision. Even Eric said “fuck Sookie”, which was very fun to watch. She had to face her previous decisions a little more and reflect and I think that might just be something that can resurrect the sympathy of the character for future season. The introduction of a vampire that killed her parents will also be interesting to watch unfold next season, since the little glimpses we got from the killer hinted that it was not a normal vampire that did it. I was surprised that they didn’t continue the story of the evil fairies from last season, but I’m sure they will pop up again in the future. Eric was still Eric during this season and he’s become a full blown good guy now while Bill is having interesting times ahead of himself being a bloody devilish vampire.

In the second half of the season things slowed down a little and gave space for more drama scenes. It’s in these scenes that we understand how much things have changed and how stupid a lot of the characters have become. Jason has always been a douchebag, but he’s still been a positive character due to his charm. That seems to be all over now though and he’s not as fun as he used to be. Even though Terry got a lot of screen time with his dumb subplot, it didn’t do anything for the character and he’s still the same now as he was on the start of the season. Alcide was… why was he here this season?

The show is mostly entertaining when it’s running fast and things are happening every minute now instead of dealing with the main characters and their personal troubles. It’s not a very fun show anymore since the humour is missing a lot these days. It’s, like season four, entertaining but not a very engaging show anymore.

True Blood has lost a lot of what made the show interesting in the first place. The little town of Bon Temp with the charming, but stupid small minded people have been left behind and instead the focus is on the characters who all have different subplots. Big fans of the first seasons will still hang on for a little longer, but they have a lot of work to do if they are gonna be able to keep the show alive for several more seasons.




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