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True Blood – Season Three

tb3Genre: Horror
Year: 2010
Country: USA

Director: Daniel Minahan, Scott Winant, Michael Lehmann, David Petrarca, John Dahl, Lesli Linka Glatter, Anthony Hemingway
Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Alexander Skarsgård



In the end of season 2, Bill went missing after proposing to Sookie in a restaurant. Sookie tries to get help from Eric in finding Bill. Bill has ended up in Mississippi after being brought there by werewolves on the command of the vampire King of Mississippi Russell Edgington. Russell knows about Bill’s alliance with the vampire Queen of Louisiana and is willing to do whatever it takes to get him on his side. He also has help from Bill’s creator and nemesis Lorena and if Bill doesn’t do as he wishes, then Sookie will be in danger. Sookie heads to Mississippi to locate him with the help of Alcide, a werewolf from those parts that have been assigned to protect Sookie by Eric.

In the meantime, Eric is in trouble with the The Magister who has done a raid on Fangtasia and is accusing Eric of selling vampire blood, something he is doing under the command of the vampire Queen Sophie-Ann. Eric is blaming Bill for this and sets out to find Bill for The Magister while he has Pam in captive. Eric soon also arrives at Edgington’s place in Mississippi, where Russell catches him in a lie and he also finds out that Bill now is loyal to Russell.

Russell gathers his wolves and finds Sookie at Alcide’s place. While one of the wolves are trying to grab her, she sparks lightning out of her hands again and makes the wolf fly through the apartment. Russell does however get both Sookie and Bill back to his place and keeps Sookie captive while Bill is judged to meet the sun under the command of Lorena. Now with Eric by his side instead, Russell is able to threaten Sophie-Anne into marriage. The Magister holds the marriage and after it’s done, Russell kills him which also means he’s proclaiming war against The Authority.

Eric finds an old artifact at Russell’s house that makes him sure that Russell is behind the slaughter of his family when he was a human. This makes him also turn against Russell. At the same time, Sookie and Bill manages to escape thanks to Tara who had been kidnapped by another vampire named Franklin and kept hostage at Russell’s place aswell. Bill is unconscious and Sookie makes him bring her blood, and since he’s not really awake he can’t help himself and nearly drains her and she has to be taken to a hospital.

While in a coma at the hospital, Sookie visits a magic place filled with bright colors and happiness. She meets a beautiful lady named Claudine. When Sookie starts to wake up from the coma she is warned by Claudine to not trust the vampires and that she should rather stay in this magical universe. After waking up she has to work together with Bill and Jessica to make a counter strike against Russell and his wolves, who are coming to get her at her home. They survive the attack since Russell gets called back when his lover is in great danger in the hands of Eric, who by now also has gone against Russell and afterwards Bill tells Sookie about the file he has been keeping on her and her family.

Finding his lover killed, Russell goes to war against anybody and shows up at a live news report on TV, killing the news reporter and pledging war against the entire human race and ridiculing the vampires who wants to live in peace with humans. Bill confessed to Sookie that he now has learned what she really is, a part-fairy. This is why she can hear people’s thoughts, spark lightning and also why her blood taste so much better to vampires. Eric is getting ready to go to war against Russell and is preparing his will since he is not very positive about how this is going to go.

Eric visits Russell and tells her that Sookie’s blood makes vampires able to walk in daylight, which sparks enough interest in Russell to keep Eric alive for now. They kidnap both Sookie and Bill and after Eric drinks her blood, he wanders out into the sunlight without burning up. Russell follows after, and when he is also in the sunlight, Eric handcuffs himself to him and they both slowly start to burn since the blood only makes them able to stay in the sun for a short period of time.

Just before they are done burning up, Sookie decides to save them both and bring them inside again, keeping Russell tied up in silver so he can’t escape. Bill and Eric later buries Russell in cement and just before they are done, Bill backstabs Eric by trying to bury him in cement aswell. When Eric escapes and comes to Sookie’s home where Bill also is at the time, he tells Sookie about how Bill has set her up from day one, orchestrating the attack on himself and her so he would be able to feed off her blood and that all of this was on command from Sophie Anne. Bill proclaims that this was the original plan, but after he got to know her his feelings became real. Sookie wants nothing to do with any of them anymore and wants to be alone.

That is basically the main storyline throughout season three of True Blood. There’s a lot of twists and turns with the main characters, making a lot of this uninteresting and almost turning this into a soap opera. And that is a big problem here, I find myself becoming less and less interested in the characters when they are turned into love puppets. In the first and second season it was interesting to see the Sookie and Bill relationship because of how the two worlds could work together, now Sookie falls for everyone and there’s not anything exciting about this.

What really saves this season is Denis O’Hare (21 Grams, Quarantine) as Russell Edgington. While the two first seasons didn’t have any great villains, they finally got it right here. Russell is self-centered, powerful and also thinks he is invincible. He does not care about consequences of his actions, since he thinks he is always right and does not believe he can be touched. O’Hare plays this part perfectly and he really did save this season of the show.

Sookie is becoming more and more irritating and dumb throughout this show. I’m not sure why we should even root for her at this point and why old vampires like Eric and Bill would see anything special in her, except her fairy blood, is beyond me. When she ends up in the hospital, everyone close to her runs to her to be with her, but she is never really there for anyone close to her and that hurts the character who I guess they want to portray as a warm and caring character. Eric has turned into a more “good guy” now, even though he still does display his brutal sides, while Bill now is the one we can’t really trust. A nice little switcheroo that would make the WWE proud.

The other characters had also a lot happening to them this year. Sam went out to find his parents and they where not quite what he wished for. Melinda and Joe Lee Mickens are your perfect example of white trash and they even use their son Tommy, who is also a shapeshifter in illegal dog fight matches. Their new relationship gives Sam a lot of headache and emotional problems.

Jason finds himself now wanting to be a cop and with the help of Andy Bellefleur he is able to take a very fast way into becoming one. He falls in love with a young lady named Crystal from Hotshot. Hotshot is a small village outside of Bon Temp that are filled with a small clan of people who survive by dealing drugs. Crystal is already in a relationship when he meets her and their fling together is giving Crystal problems at Hotshot. She turns out to be a werepanther and perhaps that’s why Hotshot has been keeping a distance from the rest of the town.

Tara gets, as mentioned, kidnapped by a brutal and crazy vampire named Franklin. She first gets herself involved with him by having a one night stand after feeling abandoned by everyone around her. She is held captive by Franklin who tells her that he is planning on turning her into a vampire so they can be together forever. She thinks that she has killed him when she is able to get free, but later finds herself again in danger of him.

Jessica and Hoyt broke up and Hoyt tries to date other girls that are more appropriate according to his mother, while Jessica tries to adapt to a normal life by working as a waitress at Merlotte’s and also becomes more comfortable with being a vampire. During their time apart they realise that they still have feelings for each other.

Lafayette is becoming back to his old self after a tortured time in season two. He finds a love interest in Jesus, a nurse at the care center where his mother resides. They start to take vampire blood together and has shared visions of their past and Jesus also confides in him that he is a Brujo, basically a witch with powers.

Some of these subplots didn’t do much for me. Tara is yet again just an annoying character that doesn’t add any fun to the show. Sam’s family, while well acted by J. Smith-Cameron as Melinda and Cooper Huckabee as Joe Lee, didn’t do much either. Watching Jessica and Hoyt’s relationship is nice though, it’s a well done romance plot and both characters go through a lot of emotions and it just works nicely.

Except Russell, there’s not a lot of new characters that steals the show. However, Kristin Bauer as Eric’s loyal sidekick Pam does have a lot of funny lines here and she is great to watch. I wouldn’t mind if we got to learn more about her in the upcoming season. We also get to know werewolves and werepanthers during this season. I can’t say I cared much about either of the species, except that it just makes me wonder if there really are any humans in Bon Temps at all. Alcide is the wolf we get to know the most and he seems to turn into a new love interest for Sookie. The character is typical good, strong and big guy and he doesn’t seem very interesting for me. And if he is supposed to just be another love toy for Sookie, then I hope we don’t see a lot more of him in the future, although I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking.

This season lost me a little and they need to redeem themself aloft in the fourth season if they want to keep me interested. The show is starting to become too soap opera and if they first are going to do romance, then at least do it in an interesting and new way. They also need to work a lot on the Sookie character to make her less… dumb, and I’d also like to see a little more of just the hillbilly small town that Bon Temp was in the first season. And while they did do a great job on creating a fun villain this time, they failed to create a big suspense filled ending to this season. The biggest and greatest ending of any of the episodes was the end of episode 9 where Russell goes on TV, which was simply one of the best scenes of the show.

The few hints of what we might expect from season four are more introduction and backstory of fairies, Tara seems to try to make a new life for her, Sookie will probably stay away from the vampires for a few seconds and Jason and Crystal will probably continue. Hopefully they can do something fresh and interesting, if not I’m afraid that this great show will drop out of my interest.

True Blood: Season 3 is still enjoyable to watch, regardless of all the negatives I have to say about it, but the negative signs are starting to become very hard to ignore and I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before this just becomes another TV show that I won’t care about.




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