Dec 25

Trilogy of Terror

Year: 1975
Country: USA

aka: Tales of Terror, Terror of the Doll

Director: Dan Curtis
Starring: Karen Black, Robert Burton, John Karlen, George Gaynes, Jim Storm


An electrifying experience – you won’t believe your eyes!


Trilogy of Terror delivers three stories filled with fear and… well terror!

Story One: Julie

Chad is a college student who is becoming obsessed with his teacher Julie. He convinces her to come on a date with him to see a vampire movie on a drive-in theater. Chad is old school and drugs Julie, take her to a cheap motel and takes dirty pictures of her. He then proceeds to use these pictures as blackmail, but sadly for Chad he severly underestimated Julie.

This episode is very slow paced and not very good. Karen Black does a good job as a teacher, Robert Burton is ridiculous as a college student since he looks like he is about 40 years old here. It’s just very predictable and boring.

Story Two: Millicent and Therese

Milicent and Therese are sisters and they are complete opposite of one another and they hate eachothers guts. Milicent is very traditional and a grey mouse, while Therese is flirty and very sexual. Milicent is getting very sick of Therese and is planning to do her harm when she gets herself a voodoo doll.

This is also a character driven and slow segment, and it’s also very predictable. When an entire story is building up the end twist and you guess it after only a few minutes, then it just doesn’t work at all. One character driven story with no supernatural additions is okay, but two in a row gets tedious.

Story Three: Amelia

Amelia has started to date an anthropologist and has gotten him a very special birthday present. She has bought a zuni fetish doll for him, a doll that is suppost to have dark powers that are constrained by a gold necklace that she accidentally unhooks. The doll comes to life and Amelia has to fight it to survive.

Amelia is the greatest of the three segments and the only rememorable one. The zuni doll is one of the coolest killer dolls you’ll ever see and it sucks that it hasn’t gotten an own movie series.

Trilogy of Terror is a horror anthology movie made for TV by Dan Curtis and stars Karen Black in all three segments. Karen Black (Easy Rider, You’re A Big Boy Now) does a good job in the first two, in Amelia her character is simply stupid and her acting is amateurish at best. It is an interesting choice to have the same actress play in all three stories though.

If it weren’t for the third segment and the awesome zuni doll then I don’t think this TV movie would be remembered at all. The first two are boring and predictable, but try to stay awake during those two and enjoy the zuni doll.




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  1. Mike Lambert

    Yep. Only ‘memorable’ for that hilarious but achingly stupid last episode. I shall forever be in its debt ,however, for the laughs I have got from wriggling a knife under closed doors and muttering insane gibberish.

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