Dec 26

Trilogy of Terror II

Year: 1996
Country: USA

Director: Dan Curtis
Starring: Lysette Anthony, Geraint Wyn Davies, Matt Clark, Geoffrey Lewis, Blake Heron


Three separate stories about greed, sorrow and madness!



Dan Curtis is back after twenty years with another anthology film that again has three tales of terror to entertain the viewers.

Story One: The Graveyard Rats

Roger Ansford (Matt Clark) is an old dirtbag in a wheelchair. He has gotten himself a young and beautiful wife named Laura (Lysette Anthony) who has been cheating on him with her own cousin Ben (Geraint Wyn Davies). Roger has caught the two and has a revealing videotape of them sleeping together, so the cousins decide to kill Roger off to get all his money. Things doesn’t go quite as planned however…

This episode is a typical greed-is-bad story that there are plenty of in anthology horror movies and it is a decent one. Geoffrey Lewis shows up in a small role as the graverobber Stubbs and steals the show. There’s also some very freaking looking rats in it. All in all it’s a decent start to the trilogy.

Story Two: Bobby

Bobby is dead teenager. His mum (Lysette Anthony) misses him a lot and does a black magic ritual to get him back to life. Later on, he ends up standing at her doorstep, cold as a corpse. This Bobby however isn’t quite the same as her son and she soon finds out that she got a demon in her house.

This is a remake of an episode done in Dead of Night (1977). It’s a story created by Richard Matheson (I Am Legend, Jaws 3-D) and it is the most creepy one of these three. It’s a great story by Matheson and it’s well executed. I did not care much for Blake Heron as Bobby though, he does go overboard and becomes quite a cheesy character instead of being scary. It is the only episode out of both movies that go for scares and in that regard it is fresh and a nice addition.

Story Three: He Who Kills

The return of the Zuni doll! This is a follow-up from one of stories in the original movie. The police finds the doll at a murder scene and brings it to a museum where Dr. Simpson (Lysette Anthony) gets to check it out. Shortly after, it comes back to life and starts to cause havoc at the museum.

The Zuni doll might be my favorite killer doll out of all movies ever made. It’s crazy that the thing hasn’t got an own movie by now, although it does carry both Trilogy of Terorr movies. The doll makes this segment the most fun one of the bunch and definitely the most memorable.

I usually prefer anthology movies to have something that ties the stories together. Tales from the Crypt has the Cryptkeeper that does the job, Creepshow had an animated storyline that made it feel more tied in. The only thing that does that in Trilogy of Terror II is that actress Lysette Anthony (Krull, Dracula: Dead and Loving It) stars in all three segments, just like Karen Black did in the original movie. I think Anthony did a great job with all three characters and not everyone would even notice that it’s the same actress.

Dan Curtis is the guy behind this movie and directed all three segments. He has a long history of movies in the horror genre, especially made for TV horror such as Night Strangler, Dark Shadows, Dead of Night and also the first Trilogy of Terror. He does a decent job in this one. There’s not a lot of blood since it’s done for TV, but he manages to get some suspense going, mainly in Bobby.

Trilogy of Terror II is entertaining and well worth seeing if you enjoy horror anthology movies. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it is a decent film to put in if you have nothing better to do.




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