Aug 25

Triad Wars

triadwarsGenre: Action
Year: 2008
Country: Hong Kong

original title: Duo Shuai
aka: Fatal Move

Director: Dennis Law
Starring: Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, Niu Tien, Danny Lee, Jacky Wu


He can never walk alone


A triad gang, runned by Big Brother Lung is starting to crumble. The police are gaining in on them and rival gangs are trying to exploit their weaknesses and gain territories from them. But their biggest threat comes from within with betrayal…

The triads, perhaps the most known gangsters outside of the italian mobster families. There’s been plenty of excellent films on the triads, but sadly Triad Wars is not one of them. The film might look great, but there is no substance or emotions to be found here.

The biggest problem is the story, there’s nothing new or interesting here. It lacks any creativity and I can’t understand why they didn’t put in more work on it before going ahead to shoot the film since it obviously had some money behind it.

Sammo Hung stars as Brother Lung, the leader of the triad gang. Hung looks way to soft for a guy who is the head of a mafia gang here and is not believable at all in the role. He would have been better as the a police chief instead. The most interesting role is Lok Tin Hung, played by Wu Jing. He is a menacing bad guy who looks like he just walked off the set from a Takashi Miike yakuza film.

The best action scenes in the film star him, but they have some terrible CGI blood in them that takes your attention away from the martial arts. I know that CGI blood is something we have to live with these days, but I cannot remember another film where it became so distracting as it did in this one.

Triad Wars is directed by Dennis Law, who has also been involved with a few other successful films such as Election and Voodoo. He fails in creating an interesting narration and give us enough action scenes to make this into a satisfying experience.

Triad Wars is disappointing and even though it’s not a terrible movie it just doesn’t have anything new or exciting to offer. It’s a very forgettable experience and I doubt I’ll remember anything of this film ten years, or even five years from now.




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