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The Toxic Crusaders – The Movie

toxiccrusadersGenre: Animated / Action
Year: 1991
Country: USA

Director: Tony Love
Starring: Gregg Berger, John Mariano, Susan Blu, Chuck McCann, Rodger Bumpass


It’s clean-up time!


Melvin Junko is a geeky janitor at Tromaville’s Health Club who gets picked on by the muscular teens who use the facility. One day the bullies take it too far and Melvin ends up running out of a window and into a can of toxic waste, changing him into a green mutant with superhuman powers called The Toxic Avenger.

He can also sense evil around him and is forced to do whatever he can to stop evil actions from happening. He soon learns that there are other people who have been in contact with radioactive waste and turned into mutant with superhero powers. He joins forces with his radioactive mop, No-Zone and Major Disaster to create the Toxic Crusaders.

The evil Dr. Killemoff from the planet Smogula and his gang of mutant thugs are looking for any opportunity to turn Tromaville into a toxic waste so that it can be invaded by aliens from his home planet and he will do everything from using poison on the citizens, kill Toxie and his friends or even get Toxie married to a Smogulian princess to get past Toxie and his friends to succeed.

Troma teaming up with Fox to do a cartoon series for children? Yeah, why not! The Toxic Crusaders was a short lived television series that only ran for one season, totaling up 13 episodes. My mind might be playing trick on me, but I’m very certain that it was shown on norwegian television when I was a young kid and I do remember that I liked the colorful characters even back then.

Of course this show was made family friendly, so no more fart jokes, nudity or violent scenes. Surprisingly enough, it worked well. It’s sort of hard for me to judge it these days since I’m obviously not ten years old anymore, but I’m sure most young kids at that age will have fun with it.

This “movie” is created by splicing three or four episodes together. We get to see how the team gets together and some of the trouble Dr. Killemoff is putting them through. It does also feel like it has been spliced together, so you should not expect a movie experience when you put this tape or DVD in.

The humour is safe and not very funny to me today, but the characters are easy to like. If I where an action figure collector, then I would definitely have some of these weird characters on my shelf. It should also be said that Toxie’s girlfriend here Yvonne, this time not named either Sara or Claire and not even blind although she has a bad sight, is quite hot for a cartoon. Yeah, I need to find myself a girlfriend.

The villain Dr. Killemoff and his gang of thugs is a sillier version of what you would expect to pop in on The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or other shows of that age. They are fun, colorful and works well within this format.

If you want some fun trivia on the show, the first thing I noticed when the credits were rolling was that Chuck Lorre was one of the screenwriters on this. Lorre is mostly known as one of the biggest guys in comedy TV these days with the hit shows The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. Troma also made a deal with New Line Cinema to produce a live action film based on the series, but in the end New Line broke their contract and used and abused Troma (not in the way they enjoy) to get a deal on the future sequels to the Turtles films instead. The series also produced some video games for both Nintendo and Sega and also numerous action figures and other merchandise.

The Toxic Crusaders – The Movie isn’t a bad cartoon, but it’s not for me anymore. I also think the copy+paste job could have hurt the material and would rather have seen it in separated episodes instead of what we are presented with here. If you are an aging Tromafan and got some young ones that you want to enter the Troma world, then I guess this is not a bad way to start.




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