Jul 24

The Tooth Fairy

toothfairyGenre: Horror
Year: 2006
Country: USA

Director: Chuck Bowman
Starring: Lochlyn Munro, Chandra West, Steve Bacic, Nicole Munoz, Jianna Ballard


Put a tooth under your pillow and let the bloodbath begin.


Peter is switching professions from being a doctor to now being an aspiring writer. To help achieve this goal, he buys a house out on the country that needs a little fixing up and turns it into a bed and breakfast.

His ex-wife Darcy and their teenage daughter Pamela is spending their weekend out at his new house, but an evil force takes an interest in Pamela and the family and the other guests at the house finds themselves being targeted by an evil tooth fairy.

This one has been compared to another evil tooth fairy film of the 2000’s called Darkness Falls (which did have The Tooth Fairy as their working title). While Darkness Falls was anything else than perfect, it was a fun horror film which this one simply is not.

My main problem with the Tooth Fairy is how it is structured. It plays like a slasher film instead of using the legend of the fairy to create something of a fantasy horror with the main focus being on the fairy attacking children. I simply can’t understand why this fairy would spend her time killing off adults that have nothing to do with her goal in getting herself some new shiny children’s teeth.

The production values however are nice and it does have a decent body count, although at least half of them are just characters added to the film simply so they can be killed off. This includes two workers at a gas station that tries to be a creepy redneck duo, but ends up feeling out of place in the film and becomes more of a comedy relief than anything else.

The look of the tooth fairy isn’t a bad one, she’s a very old witch looking creature in a cloak. But why would she resort to using stuff like nailguns and hammers to kill people? Shouldn’t this old creature have some sort of magical powers or something instead of just becoming a Jason Vorhees? The fairy is also very poorly explained in this film and she could have been switched out for practically any other evil villain with very little adjustments to the rest of the script.

The characters aren’t very interesting, but they never get annoying either. I always expect the kid actor to be the worst when it comes to poor horror films, but young Nicole Munoz gave a good performance as Pamela. I didn’t care much about Lochlyn Munro as Peter, but I did like Chandra West as Darcy. It should also be mentioned that Carrie Fleming is looking stunning as Star. The direction is handled by Chuck Bowman, who has mostly worked on Television shows and that is easy to see since this one feels like a film produced by the Syfy channel with just a bit better production values.

The Tooth Fairy is a bad horror film, but it doesn’t become annoying or boring. It’s decent to watch once, but not something worth seeking out either. You would be much better off with just finding Darkness Falls instead since it is a superior tooth fairy horror film.




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