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Tombs of the Blind Dead

tombsoftheblinddeadGenre: Horror
Year: 1972
Country: Spain

original title: La Noche del Terror Ciego
aka: Crypt of the Blind Dead, Mark of the Devil Part 5: Night of the Blind Terror, Mark of the Devil Part 4: Tombs of the Blind Dead, Night of the Blind Dead, Revenge from Planet Ape, The Blind Dead

Director: Amando de Ossorio
Starring: Lone Fleming, Cesar Burner, Maria Elena Arpon, Jose Thelman, Rufino Ingles


Who are these unholy savages who hunt out their victims by sound alone?


Roger and Virginia is on holiday and runs into Betty, an old friend of Virginia. She joins them on a train ride but while on the train Virginia gets embarrassed after seeing her boyfriend start to have some interest in Betty and by her own lesbian encounter she herself had with Betty in their younger days.

She decides to jump off the train and when night comes she seeks refuge in an ancient monastery. She is never seen again so Roger and Betty tries to hunt her down and investigate what might have happened to her and they all come face to face with the undead Knight Templars.

Tombs of the Blind Dead is the first out of four films that Amando de Ossorio did about the undead Templar Knights and the horror that they bring. The knights look awesome and it is easy to see why they were brought back in several more movies and also ripped off in other european films. They are basically skeletons that ride on horses and are attracted by the beating hearts of their victims and the way they are filmed makes the best of their excellent look.

Ossorio is also able to create a creepy atmosphere in the film, supported by appropriate music by Anton Garcia Abril. That and the look of the knights is the positive parts of the film, while the rest is flawed. The story is paper thin and the pacing is deadly slow. There are some exploitation sequences thrown into it just to keep the audience entertained, which does work but also makes it into a more sleazy affair than it should have been.

Tombs of the Blind Dead has great zombies, or mummies as Ossorio prefered to call them, and some violent scenes, but fails in keeping the viewer entertained through the entire film. I would only recommend this one to big fans euro horror since I think that the lack of coherent story will put off most viewers.




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