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timesweepGenre: Horror
Year: 1987
Country: USA

aka: Killer-Beast

Director: Dan Diefenderfer
Starring: Kevin Brief, Jeff Tamblyn, Greg Anderson, Michael Cornelison, Richard Green


They ran out of time… and into terror!


A group of film students, together with their professor are entering an old movie studio, that are soon to be demolished, to film a movie. Shortly after they have entered, the lights go out and when the lights are back on, some of them have turned up dead.

The rest tries their best to get out of the studio, but there is a strange and deadly fog surrounding the place and there doesn’t seem to be any way out of the place. While they are going around in this building, they find themselves being transported into different time periods with different evil entities attacking them.

Timesweep is an attempt at being an homage to old school sci-fi and horror films. It ends up being just more or less a group of people running around in the dark with one after one getting away from the group and ending up dead. Except the small nods to the older films such as London after Midnight and such, there’s nothing left but a typical crappy 80’s low-budget film here.

The acting is mediocre and none of the characters sets themselves apart from the others. The script is terrible and the dialogue is beyond crappy. It’s just a big dull affair of a film. There are some decent effects, some nudity and badly done gore to add some entertainment to the film, but that’s basically it.

Timesweep is co-written and directed by Dan Diefenderfer. Try saying that last name ten times in a row! This is the only film he has directed and even though you should never judge a filmmaker off one product, there is nothing here that would make me want to seek out more films from the guy. Some of the actors like Kevin Brief and Stewart Skelton are actually still active today after having their start in this film.

Timesweep is just another poor 80’s horror film that sports a fun and good looking VHS cover. It’s a hard movie to find and I don’t see any reason why anyone should go out and seek after it either. Chances are slim that you have heard of this film and you are not missing out on anything.




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