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This House Possessed

thishousepossessedGenre: Horror
Year: 1981
Country: USA

Director: William Ward
Starring: Parker Stevenson, Lisa Eilbacher, Joan Bennett, Slim Pickens, Shelley Smith


Something terrifying is falling in love with Sheila…


The rock singer Gary Straihorn has to take some time off after suffering from an anxiety attack while performing live on TV. He hires a nurse named Sheila that he met while being hospitalized. Together they move in to a new house out in the country, a perfect place for relaxation… until an evil force starts to torment them and everyone else who comes close to the place.

This House Possessed is a forgotten, unknown made for TV movie and it is forgotten for a good reason. If you expect a good old ghost story then you can forget about this film right away as this is not close to being anything like that at all. The house is haunted, but there’s not a good back story to it at all. We get to know that the house, or entity within it, wants to be reunited with the Sheila character, but why and how it keeps track of her from her childhood to her grown life made no sense to me.

And I didn’t catch what exactly this entity was supposed to be. We get some Point of View shots of the entity watching surveillance cameras for some unknown reason. I guess it was done to have some camera shots showing the viewer that there is a presence in the house, but with all possible ways to show a ghostly presence in a big mansion the choices made here are very poor. And it’s such a slow movie… It takes nearly 70 minutes before they even start to investigate if there is some paranormal activity within this house.

Instead of focusing on gore and scares, we get a love triangle story that bored the hell out of me. Lisa Eilbacher is the highlight of the film as Sheila, she is actually charming and does seem to fit right in as a cute girl in the TV world. Playing the part as the rock star (it’s really more a disco star) Gary Straihorn is Parker Stevenson, who most people might remember from the Baywatch series. He looks at ease with his part in this film and is able to prevent his character from becoming stale, but just like with the Sheila character, there’s little in the screenplay to make his character interesting either. And the idea of this guy being a famous singer does not come across as trustworthy.

The director behind this film is William Wiard, who has had a long career working on television productions before tackling this one. He had no prior experience with the horror genre and it shows as he does not seem to be familiar with the idea of creating tension and setting up scares, which makes the end product of This House Possessed very uninspiring and dull. It might spark some interest to those out there to hunt down forgotten films, but it’s absolutely not worth the chase.




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