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terrorvisionGenre: Comedy / Horror
Year: 1986
Country: USA

Director: Ted Nicolaou
Starring: Diane Franklin, Gerrit Graham, Mary Woronov, Chad Allen, Jon Gries


People of Earth, your planet is about to be destroyed… We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience.


The futuristic Putterman family is finally able to install a satellite dish. They start to receive signals and is able to enjoy all sorts of weird channels from all over the universe. Sadly for them, they also receive a channel with a slimy monster looking creature that just stared back at the family from the TV screen.

The monster suddenly gets beamed through the television set and is now right there in the Putterman house. The young family members try to become friends with it by introducing it to pizza and rock music, but it doesn’t take long before the monster starts to get an appetite for human meat instead.

Silliness was not something uncommon in movies from the last half of the 80’s. There’s almost an innocent childish charm to some of the fun comedy films of that time, but in some films where they did not hold back on the goofiness it could become too much. TerrorVision fits that description for me. It tries to be as goofy and silly as possible in that regards it succeeds, but for me it became boring very quickly and was not a fun experience.

While the cheesy humour didn’t fit right with my taste, the film does have some fun and colorful sets that gives it a cartoonish feel. It did not surprise me one bit that Charles Band had a hand in this production. He wrote and produced the film for Empire Pictures together with his father Albert Band and had his brother Richard Band compose the music for it.

The direction however went to Ted Nicolau, a director that has had several collaborations with Charles Band and his Full Moon Features company. He is perhaps best known for his work on the Subspecies series, one of my favorite franchises from Full Moon. In this film, he delivers exactly what Band wanted, a Charles Band type of horror comedy.

The acting is as to be expected with a film like this and none really stand out, which is also hard when they basically have to act goofy. The monster however is kind of funny and has some charm and the soundtrack is actually pretty good. The main theme song gives you a fun 80’s vibe right from the get-go.

There’s not much more that needs to be said about TerrorVision. It is a film for those who love goofy 80’s films and while it is not by any means one of the best out there, I can see people who have a nostalgic attachment to it still enjoying it today. For me however, it was nothing special and I doubt I’ll ever revisit it in the future.




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