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Terror Firmer

terrorfirmerGenre: Comedy / Horror
Year: 1999
Country: USA

Director: Lloyd Kaufman
Starring: Will Keenan, Alyce LaTourelle, Lloyd Kaufman, Trent Haaga, Sheri Wenden


Let’s make some art!


The Troma crew is set to make a new feature film in New York! The blind director Larry Benjamin has gathered a crew of freaks who will all give their best to create more cinematic art for their fans to enjoy.

Things go as usual on a Troma shoot, actors quit, the director goes mad and a strange female creature is stalking and killing participates of the production. The crew tries to keep things together and they will give their lives in order to complete the film.

Terror Firmer is one of the most disgusting and over-the-top film that Troma has ever presented to their fans. It’s trashy, dirty and offensive. Just the way Tromafans like it! The film celebrates or pokes fun, probably both at Troma itself and there’s plenty of self-references going on here. The film can best be described as taking a good dump. Most people will not appreciate it, but the few who do are able to take notice of the significant quality of that specific dump.

The main purpose of this film is to celebrate independent filmmaking and it does it by showing that regardless of flaws that might come with a low budget production and the hell the ones involved in creating it might go through to get it done, the end product can be just as entertaining as anything Hollywood might show down our throats.

One thing that sets this movie a notch above most of the other good Troma films is that the acting is quite good here. Yeah, it is over the top and at times silly, but that seems to be done intentional. Will Keenan is very good in his part as Casey and I can’t say that much about the character since I don’t want to spoil anything, but thumbs up to him for having one of the best performances I’ve seen on a Troma film so far.

The rest of the cast also turn in a good performance with their colorful weird characters. The film also changes the coolness of the name Todd forever. After seeing this, I wish I had a friend with that name so I could just scream TOOOOODDDDSTEEEER at him randomly.

Terror Firmer also doesn’t overstay its welcome. I think that Kaufman lets his films run a little too long at times, but here it is edited and told with a perfect length. As is also a common trait of Troma, the music is quite good and suiting for the film. Entombed’s version of Amazing Grace is quite a nice way to start the film off.

Terror Firmer is a self-referencing homage to Troma and every independent filmmaker out there. It also celebrates us, the fans and does it in a very disgusting and offensive way – just the way we want it. This is a must see for every Troma fan and one of their best films to date.




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