Sep 16

Terror Eyes

terroreyesGenre: Horror
Year: 1981
Country: USA

aka: Night School

Director: Ken Hughes
Starring: Leonard Mann, Rachel Ward, Drew Snyder, Joseph R. Sicari, Nicholas Cairis


Man is the only animal that kills for pleasure.


A killer is on the loose in Boston. He is wearing a motorcycle outfit and helmet and his favorite victims are female students at Wendell Night School. Judd and Taj are the detective who are handling the case and there is plenty of suspects available including the teacher Vincent who likes his student in more than one way, his not to friendly assistant Eleanor and a creepy waiter who they know are stalking some of the women.

Terror Eyes is an obscure and forgotten slasher movie from 1981. It’s directed by Ken Hughes who are mostly known for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. His influence here seems to be from the italian giallo movies and the look of the killer might be taken from Strip Nude for Your Killer. Umberto Lenzi brought this outfit back to life again later with his late 80’s Welcome to Spring Break movie.

The story isn’t very endearing and a lot of the time is spent with the cops Judd and Taj. Leonard Mann who plays Judd has been in several cult movies such as The Humanoid, Cut and Run and Flowers in the Attic. He does a good job here, something that his partner Joseph R. Sicari doesn’t. I guess I can’t put all the blame on him since his character Taj is written to be the comic relief, which just simply doesn’t work at all. Rachel Ward is also one of the stars of the movie and she later went on to have success with The Thorn Birds and was also in The Final Terror and Black Magic. She has a sexy, but a little weird shower scene and looks lovely in front of the camera.

The murders are done alright, except they could have been more bloody. The places where the decapitated heads show up is quite creative and fun. The scene where two guys are eating stew is very funny and the best scene of the movie. They do a decent job of hiding the killers identity, although I’m sure a lot will guess correctly before it’s revealed who it is. However, the motive of the killer was very stale. There’s also not a lot of character development and there’s not really a leading character that you will start to care about.

The music score is done quite well and helps making the atmosphere quite good here. Brad Fiedel is the guy behind the music and he has also done scores for Just Before Dawn, The Terminator and Fright Night 2.

Terror Eyes is a decent movie. Some might find it a tad bit boring, while more patient viewers will find it interesting and good. It lacks enough suspense to really keep my attention and it’s probably not a movie I would like to view for a second time in the near future.




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