Mar 09

Sworn to Justice

sworntojusticeGenre: Action
Year: 1996
Country: USA

aka: Blonde Justice, Female Justice

Director: Paul Maslak
Starring: Cynthia Rothrock, Tony Lo Bianco, Kurt McKinney, Brad Dourif, Mako


Revenge has never been so sweet.


Cynthia Rothrock stars as Jana Dane, a criminal psychiatrist working as a consultant for a law firm. When she comes home one night she finds her sister and nephew murdered and is almost killed herself by a gang of thugs. When she returns to the scene of the crime, she finds herself having psychic powers and combining this with her martial arts skills she sets out on a mission to bring the bad guys to justice.

Sworn to Justice is not one of the best Cynthia Rothrock movies out there. The plot of the movie is below average and the acting, even from Rothrock is sub par. The fighting scenes isn’t anything spectacular and suffers from bad directing. I guess they added the psychic part to make it different from other movies, but it still feels unnecessary.

Director Paul Maslak had been a producer of several action movies such as Bloodfist 4, Ring of Fire 2 and Bloodfist 5 and doing fight choreography for Ring of Fire, Bloodfist 3 and Blackbelt before having his directorial debut with Sworn to Justice. He did not impress me at all and I’m not surprised to read that he didn’t return to the directors chair before 2008 with a short movie called Doing a Deal in India.

Kurt McKinney (No Retreat No Surrender) plays Jana’s love interest Nicholas. They have a cliché and lame sex scene together which is uncommon in Rothrock movies. While fans of Rothrock might like the thought of seeing her heating things up, this scene belongs in a made for tv romance movie. Brad Dourif also shows up for a small role and he’s always a good addition to any movie.

Sworn to Justice is one of the more forgettable entries in Cynthia Rothrock’s filmography. It’s only worth seeing if you are a big fan of hers. Everyone else should just stay away from this.




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