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Surf Nazis Must Die

POSTER - SURF NAZI'S MUST DIEGenre: Action / Comedy
Year: 1987
Country: USA

Director: Peter George
Starring: Gail Neely, Robert Harden, Barry Brenner, Dawn Wildsmith, Michael Sonye


The beaches have become battlefields… The waves are a war zone!


The California coastline is in terrible state after the big earthquake. There is no control over the beaches and the surf gangs fight among eachother to become the only bunch alive that is able to enjoy the good waves of the beach.

One of the biggest and most dangerous gangs are the Surf Nazis. One day they kill a young and hard working african american male named Leroy, which causes his mourning mother Eleanor “Mama” Washington to seek revenge on the neo-nazi gang.

Surf Nazis Must Die has one of the coolest titles in the Troma filmography and it sure is a weird little film. It’s sort of a Mad Max meets (yeah I can’t think of any). That might sound hilarious, but the film never does deliver the entertainment that I expected from it and instead becomes a little hard to follow after a while.

The best parts of the film is some of the dialogue. There are plenty of quote worthy stuff here including “Nobody surfs here but the nazis, new orders from Adolf!” and “I am the Führer on the beach!”. Sadly, these few hints of potential gets lost between plenty of shots of surfing, which I don’t find very interesting myself and time when nothing happens. The film runs halfway through before the revenge aspect is even set up.

Thankfully, Gail Neely is very fun as Mama. I think the film would have been better if we had gotten to see more of her and her son earlier on to develop an interest for these characters. The surf nazi characters can best be described as a spoof attempt at creating a gang for The Warriors. The acting is also as expected and none except Neely shines, although it does look obvious that they don’t take themselves very serious either, and how could they?

Director Peter George only made one other movie, Young Goodman Brown in 1993. His narrative efforts and visual sense does not show any talent here. The editing by Craig A. Colton is also poorly done. Interesting enough, this was the first film Colton edited and he is still a very active film editor working mostly on TV shows these days.

Surf Nazis Must Die has an interesting premise and a kick-ass title. It sadly doesn’t live up to its potential. It should be an interesting watch for fans of todays “neo” Grindhouse flicks and also for every big fan of Troma, even though it is a poor movie.




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