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Storm of the Century

stormofthecenturyGenre: Horror
Year: 1999
Country: USA

Director. Craig R. Baxley
Starring: Tim Daly, Colm Feore, Debrah Farentino, Casey Siemaszko, Jeffrey DeMunn


An unspeakable evil has arrived


Little Tall Island are about to have one hell of a time when a big storm is trying its best to destroy the peaceful island. At the same time the murder of an elderly woman takes place. Part-time cop and store owner Michael Anderson arrests the murderer named Andre Linoge, who is not a local and also doesn’t seem to mind getting arrested by the sheriff. The strange fella seems to know every secret the people on this island has and everyone is sure that he is orchestrating the murders that are happening rapidly, even while he is in jail. After he decides that he wanted go leave prison, he gives the entire community a choice – give him what he wants or he will kill them all.

Storm of the Century is an ABC produced miniseries written by Stephen King. King’s work is often much better on the screen when it’s panned out into miniseries instead of a 90 minute movie since a lot of his work is very character based, and a lot of times has to do with the entire small community the story is set in instead of just single characters, which is very hard to portray in only 90 minutes.

Quite common to King’s other work, the story is about the moral choices that we make and how a small community is able to ignore the faults of others to be able to live together. The movie shares a lot of similarities with Needful Things, another story where a stranger comes into a community and stirs up trouble by exposing their own faults.

Tim Daly plays our hero Michael Anderson and he looks and act like the common good guy with high morals. Although he does the part well, I would rather have liked to see someone else play that character. Colm Feore plays Andre Linoge and he succeeds in being a creepy and demonic character. The rest of the cast is good and they bring these islanders into real people who have depth and seems real.

Craig R. Baxley is the guy that was handed the responsibility of directing this and he also got the job to do another King miniseries, Rose Red just three years later. In his past he has done a lot of action related work and is responsible for films such as Action Jackson and Stone Cold. Baxley does a good job here by letting the characters tell their stories and makes the movie look quite good visually. He keeps the pacing running good and even though it’s a very long show, it’s no problem to watch it in one sitting without getting bored.

Storm of the Century is an enjoyable miniseries. The story is good and interesting and the only thing that it lacks is any tension and suspense, but makes up for it by having interesting characters from the great mind of Stephen King. Also, question yourself what you would do if you where in the same position as the islanders, would you give Linoge what he wanted?




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