Feb 19

Space Zombie Bingo

spacezombiebingoGenre: Comedy / Sci-Fi
Year: 1993
Country: USA

aka: Zombie 10: Die Zombier, Zombie 6: Part 2

Director: George Ormrod
Starring: William Darkow, Ramona Provost, Hugh Crawford, Mike Milligan, Katie Barrett


Life’s a beach – even in space!


Planet Earth is in terrible danger. We are on the verge of being invaded by hungry meat eating robot zombies from outer space. It’s up to the Zombie Defence Force, led by Major Kent Bendover and his troops to save the earth and kick some alien zombie butt.

Let’s just get this over with. Space Zombie Bingo is a terrible movie. It’s rare that I get to see something as crappy as this turd. The only explanation I have for its shittyness is if it was made as an homage to Plan 9 From Outer Space and actually attempted to make a piece of shit.

Everything is done bad here, including the supposedly comedy. While other bad films might be funny, this one is just terrible to sit through. I can’t imagine anyone, even fans of crappy films enjoying this and I wish I had spent my time doing something else. Like waxing the hair on my butt.

It seems like this was the only movie that director George Ormrod did and I guess that’s a good thing. If I’m going to say anything positive about the film, I guess that the music is decent at times. I honestly don’t wanna spend much more time with this film, so Space Zombie Bingo – Stay away from it.




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  1. lputo

    Gee I wonder if the reviewer Karlson ever made a movie??? Probably not

    1. Cinema Terror

      Nope, never did. If I did, it would probably be even worse than this one.

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