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snuffGenre: Horror
Year: 1976
Country: Argentina / USA

aka: American Cannibale, Big Snuff

Director: Michael Findlay, Horacio Fredriksson, Simon Nuchtern
Starring: Enrique Larratelli, Mirtha Massa, Aldo Mayo, Liliana Fernandez Blanco, Margarita Amuchastegui


A film that could only be made in South America, where life is CHEAP!


Snuff is not really a movie. Snuff is exploitation. Independent low-budget distributor Allan Shackleton took a forgotten movie called The Slaughter and made a new ending that was supposed to be “real” snuff footage of an actress getting gutted. It’s hard to get any more exploitive than marketing a movie as a snuff film and it is something that could never be done today with information spreading around so fast thanks to the internet.

The Slaughter was a very shitty low-budget film about a Manson influenced biker gang that ran around and left a lot of brutal acts behind in their way. The gang is more of less influenced by Charles Manson and his family and their head honcho is a guy that the girls call Satan and they are willing to follow his every word.

The footage was (badly and at times out of sync) dubbed into english when it turned into Snuff. Slaughter seemed to be put together by amateurs and I don’t even understand why some of the scenes in the film was even there, except to make it to an acceptable length so they could call it a movie. There is some exploitive aspects such as nudity, badly done murders and stuff but it is not enough to make the film entertaining.

I guess in some way you gotta commend the “filmmakers” behind this project as they did cause quite a stir with this film. And it, of course, became very successful thanks to all the protests and tabloid newspaper articles that suggested this might actually be the real stuff, without actually seeing the footage themselves of course.

These days when you watch it its hard to even imagine that someone would believe the final scene is real, since the effects is very badly done. The actress used in the snuff scenes doesn’t look like anyone from the original film and the entire thing is just badly done.

Not that anyone would really care either, but since the originally ending is removed from Slaughter it makes the entire first 80 minutes of this snoozefest unnecessary and worthless. As it stands now nearly 40 years later, the only reason to sit through this is to gain knowledge of what the entire controversy was about in the first place.




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