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Sleep Tight

sleeptightGenre: Thriller / Horror
Year: 2011
Country: Spain

original title: Mientras Duermes

Director: Jaume Balaguero
Starring: Luis Tosar, Marta Etura, Alberto San Juan, Petra Martinez, Iris Almeida


Someone is watching over you


Cesar works as a concierge at a decent building department in Barcelona. His entire life resolves around this building and his job and the residents look at him as a friendly guy who will go to great lengths to help them out with their everyday troubles.

He is especially helpful to the young and beautiful woman named Clara. Clara is a very happy girl who doesn’t let little things bring her down. She looks at Cesar as just another helpful friend, but what she doesn’t know is that he is keeping a closer watch on her than what she might appreciate.

Sleep Tight is a character study of a miserable guy who cannot accept that others are living their life and enjoying it. And he’s not just another serial killer or rapist, he is not after some quick personal pleasure. What he is after is changing the life of Clara and make sure that she will not live a single day for the rest of her life without having him in her mind. That’s his ultimate pleasure and that also makes him stand out from the average psycho that you have seen in other films.

To see the lengths he is willing to go to satisfy his obsession and his final fuck you to Clara is creepy as hell. The most dangerous people out there is sadly the ones with a lot of intelligence and to think that there might be people like Cesar running around out there manipulating the lives of innocent people is just both sad and scary.

It also shows just how unsecure most people live. Think about just how easy it can be for someone to get in your home and hide in it if they are intelligent and highly motivated to mess with you. Are you sure that there’s not a window someone could get into or a door that is impossible to break into without making any permanent damage to it?

Sleep Tight is brilliantly written by the Italian Alberto Marini and executed excellently by director Jaume Balaguero. The only thing I feel that it missed is to achieve the level of creepiness that would stay with you after you have seen the film.It might give that feeling to others, especially women, and I might just have become used to seeing all sorts of fucked up activities in films by now so the fact that this film didn’t stay with me days after seeing it might have more to do with me than the film.

Balaguero is mostly known for the [Rec] series and he has also done other decent films like The Nameless, Darkness and Fragile aswell but I think he really proved that he is on the way to secure his name for the horror books with this film. The film has a great visual look and the characters all work very well together. He is able to make you kind of like Cesar at first and even when we see how demented he really is, it takes a long time before the viewer will switch on him. He is also able to never make it become predictable and the ending is executed to near perfection.

The acting is also very strong. Luis Tosar gives a powerful performance as Cesar and he looks like he was born to play a part like this. Marta Etura is beautiful and great as Clara, she’s the kind of girl you wish you had as a girlfriend and other girls would love to have as a dear friend. Just a kind and happy person.

Sleep Tight is an excellent film that only needed a little more creepiness to get up their in the big league with the rest of the movie psychos. I found the film to be very interesting and think it’s something that adult horror fans will enjoy, while the younger ones might want some more blood and guts then what this has to offer.




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