Jan 31

She-Cop: Shoot the Dirty Rapist

Gshecopenre: Crime
Year: 2006
Country: Japan

Director: Daigo Udagawa
Starring: Hiromi Aoyama, Mitsuhiro Koizumi, Miwa, Chika Takagi


A serial rapist is on the loose and detectives Kaede and Ryuihoro is assigned the job to hunt him down and stop him before more innocent girls are assaulted. Their first suspect Gonda is an awkward loner who lives in a empty apartment where he only seems to get enjoyment from internet porn.

After they have arrested Gonda, they continue to investigate and find out that all victims have been active on an internet forum. The assaults seem to be more than the acts of a madman and time is running out for the detectives.

This is a very low budget movie from Daig Udagawa. Udagawa is more known for Yo-Yo Sexy Girl Cop and also Sayaka: The Cute & Careless Girl which I have previously given a positive review on. As is often common with low budget Asian films, it’s hard to find any information about this one online. There is no IMDB page to find and hardly any english reviews of it. I wish Asians would be more active in adding their stuff to IMDB, it sure would make finding information easier for curious americans or Europeans.

She-Cop starts out very sleazy. After a hard days work hunting down a rapist, our star and lead detective Kaede goes home to take a shower and masturbate. When she is going to arrest Gondo, he throws cum at her and smiles. After he is arrested though, the film takes a turn and becomes more serious and focuses on the detective work and the rape case instead. While the story does have an interesting twist that makes this into a different type of rape/revenge film, the story and acting isn’t engaging enough and I think it would have been more enjoyable if Udagawa had went the sleaze route with this film instead.

Hiromi Aoyama plays Kaede. The only thing I found while searching her name online was adult stuff. She was decent in this film, more than good enough to keep on working in regular cinema but adult stuff might even pay more than what she got for this film. Her character Kaede tries to come off as a strong female while she is working and the sexual feminine side of her is shown while she is off duty. The balance between those two sides play a big part of the film, yet it doesn’t go very in-depth into it.

She-Cop: Shoot The Dirty Rapist got a fun title and a sleazy start but ends up being a tedious crime film. I don’t think anyone is missing anything by not finding this film. There are plenty of greater low budget japanese movies out there to find and enjoy instead.




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