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scarecrowGenre: Horror
Year: 2013
Country: USA

Director: Sheldon Wilson
Starring: Lacey Chabert, Richard Harmon, Robin Dunne, Nicole Munoz, Julia Maxwell


He’ll scare you… to death


The high school teacher Aaron is taking a group of students that he has put on detention out to an abandoned farm to bring back a scarecrow display for their local holiday celebration. What they did not expect is an evil spirit in the form of a real Scarecrow lurking around on the farm, looking for fresh prey to feed upon.

So, here we have yet another Syfy original movie. Scarecrow has the same feel as the late 90’s post-Scream slasher films with young high school teens (played by 20+ year olds) going somewhere and then being attacked by an evil entity.

It starts out fine enough and quickly introduces the characters and then gets on to the monster and the murders. Our main hero is Lacey Chabert as Kristen, although she isn’t really playing anybody but is here to bring in a few extra viewers and be good looking while she is fighting off the scarecrow, something she does quite well… looking good that is.

Little is told about the scarecrow monster and the CGI created entity could have been replaced by pretty much any other type of monster and it wouldn’t have made any difference in this film. It also looks like a sort of foggy monster and doesn’t resemble a typical scarecrow creature either.

The main problem of the film is the script. It is not structured very well. There should have been an extra 10-15 minutes with character development in the beginning of the film and the entire ending should have been redone from scratch since it made very little sense and did not work at all. It’s a shame that they didn’t spend some more time on the story and also create a bigger backstory of the scarecrow since the production values for this wasn’t all that bad, especially for a Syfy film.

Since all the actors play faceless characters in the film, I’m going to focus more on director Sheldon Wilson, a guy who has been keeping himself busy within the Syfy world for a few years now. Some of the stuff he has done includes Mega Cyclone, Snowmageddon and Carny. Surprisingly enough I have not seen any of his other work (yet), but from what I could tell by this movie he is able to keep a film pacing well and not make it look like a no-budget feature.

Scarecrow starts out decent enough, but it doesn’t last more than twenty minutes before my interest went away from the film. With a bit more effort put into it and, especially with the story, it could have turned out well but sadly it ends up being just another horror film by Syfy that is bound to be quickly forgotten.




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