Oct 31

Sayaka: The Cute & Careless Girl

sayakaGenre: Comedy
Year: 2009
Country: Japan

original title: Tennen Kaju Sayak

Director: Daigo Udagawa
Starring: Rui Kiriyama, Yui Iwata, Naofumi Kaneko, Nezumi Sempai, Kanae Kibe



Sayaka is a 16 year old shy girl (with BIG boobs) who is obsessed with sex, even though she is still a virgin herself. She cannot even eat a hot dog or getting talked to by her teacher without getting sexual thoughts in her head. The most popular guy in school, Ito, chooses her as a tutor to help him with his school work and Sayaka’s fantasies are running so wild that she has a hard time concentrating on anything else than ripping off his clothes and jumping on him.

While anticipating the opportunity to study with Ito alone at his home, she and her three other virgin friends create a virgin club where they help each other get rid of their virgin status. Their tools to reach that goal is to pull up their skirts so they barely cover their butts, fix their shirts so they show cleavage and also learn to pose so that they show their underwear. When she finally is alone with Ito, she has to make a choice to open up and tell him how she feels or miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sayaka: The Cute & Careless Girl is a japanese comedy based on a comic series by Sano Kunikazu. It’s got a lot of teasing shots of the young girls, but still is pretty much a story told for teenage girls. It’s kind of a weird mixture and I have no idea what the target audience for this would be, which is kind of neat.

The young girl is played by Rui Kiriyama, who I know basically nothing about except that she is an “AV Idol” in Japan, meaning she stars in dvds where she dances and walks around teasing the audience with her body. And here’s a spoiler that all the guys will want to know – NO, she does not show off those big puppies here and NO, it does not look like you will find them online either. She is toned down a little in this movie and made to look less beautiful than she really is (but still hot), and Sayaka is a very geeky, dreamy and nervous young girl entering adulthood.

What I like a lot about this is that they did not change her from being a geeky and unpopular girl into a popular and beautiful one during the movie, like a lot of american movies do. She is still herself throughout this entire process and the only change is growth within her. Her love interest Ito is also likeable and it’s great to see how he is a popular guy but yet is very grounded and doesn’t let his popularity go to his head or even acknowledge it.

Sayaka’s three other friends are wacky and strange, all with different personalities that if you would put them all together you would probably end up with… Sayaka, which is also a nice little touch if it was on purpose.

The movie is written and directed by Daigo Udagawa. He has also done the Sundome movies and Yo-Yo Sexy Girl Cop. I haven’t seen any of them, although I have Yo-Yo on my radar and will probably see that in the near future. He did display good talent here and managed to do some sexy shots with Sayaka without becoming exploitative.

Sayaka: The Cute & Careless girl is a strange one. I can’t think of who this was made for, but I actually enjoyed it. I found it funny and filled with charm. If you are up to a strange comedy that does not follow any sort of format then I think you might enjoy this.




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