Sep 14

Saw VI

saw6Genre: Horror
Year: 2009
Country: USA

Director: Kevin Greutert
Starring: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Mark Rolston, Betsy Russell, Shawnee Smith


The game comes full circle


After finally murdering FBI Agent Peter Strahm, Hoffman is finally able to live and be safe as the successor to Jigsaw, or so he thinks. There are still FBI agents that aren’t satisfied regarding the result of the investigation and they do not believe that the case is truly closed.

While FBI Agent Dan Erickson and Agent Lindsey Perez are still investigating, a new game is put in motion where the CEO of Umbrella Health named William Easton is put to the test where he will stand face to face with his colleagues and the decision he has made that has prioritized money above human life.

Another Saw film, another low point in the saga. It’s not uncommon for horror franchises to become worse and worse due to the low time between the outputs and also because of the lack of care from the production companies regarding their product. Jigsaw is playing less and less part in the show and the new guy, Hoffman is hardly half as interesting as the main iconic guy himself.

We get more info regarding Jill Tuck, Jigsaws ex-wife and plenty of flashback scenes with another familiar face to the franchise, but I can’t help but ask myself if any of this new information mattered at all to me. The new victims was there simply to provide flesh and blood and basically was just another way of keeping the gorehounds entertained while the main story played out. The traps are all flashy, big and unrealistic, but who cares at this point.

Technically this film feels like it flows better than the fifth one, and perhaps even number four. This is the first big picture that Kevin Greutert has directed, but he was not unfamiliar with the Saw series. In fact, he was the editor on all the five previous films. There are also some subtle humour put into this film, making it easy to see that even the screenwriters can’t take the story 100% seriously anymore. The social commentary is simple and doesn’t really add anything to the film.

The best scenes are the few where Tobin Bell shows up as Jigsaw and the ones with Costas Mandylor working on his own are the most dull ones. He is just incredible boring to watch in all his scenes ever since he became a part of this saga in Saw 3. It was, as always, nice to see Shawnee Smith again, but other than that, most of the actors come and die without making much of an impression.

Saw 6 is definitely not a film for anyone except fans of the franchise, but the fans might enjoy that it is technically a bit of an improvement from the previous sequel. What brings it down for me is the lack of interest in the story at this point, so even if it is a better made movie than Saw 5, it is not any bit more interesting this time around either.




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