Sep 13

Saw V

saw5Genre: Horror
Year: 2008
Country: USA

Director: David Hackl
Starring: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Scott Gordon-Patterson, Betsy Russell, Julie Benz


You won’t believe how it ends


Jigsaw is dead and his demonic plans should have all been finished by now, but somehow new games are being put in motion and new victims have to overcome excruciating pain in order to survive.

FBI Agent Peter Strahm managed to survive and is convinced that Jigsaw had another accomplice to help him with his devious plans and even more than that, he knows who it is. In order to catch him before another set of victims die a horrible death, he again has to enter and figure out the puzzle of Jigsaw.

What a surprise, another entry to the Saw series! This time around the story focuses more on Jigsaw’s helper, Detective Hoffman and the pursuit of FBI Agent Strahm in his quest to find enough evidence to prove that Hoffman has been helping Jigsaw all along. We get to see more backstories, this time about how Hoffman became a part of Jigsaws puzzle.

Even though Saw fans will appreciate seeing Jigsaw still appear in this film, the flashback scenes with Hoffman doesn’t really give anything since his character still isn’t very compelling or interesting. The three different parts of the film doesn’t flow very well together either, making it feel like three separate chapters that comes together almost by accident in the end.

The new victims and their stories are predictable from the start (which makes the tagline funnier than the movie), and none of their characters are fleshed out or even shown any care by the filmmakers and it doesn’t help that they have some of the worst dialogue in this series (so far). The addition of yet another accomplice to Jigsaw does not add anything to the story whatsoever and they couldn’t have added a more boring character if they had tried on purpose.

I did write that I would prefer a fresh take on the series with a new director while writing the review for the fourth one, but I can’t say that David Hackl proved to be an improvement, even though it should be noted that this is his directorial debut and he had to work with an abysmal script by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan.

The Saw series has been reduced to being an easy money grabber for the production companies and the films could have benefitted from taking some time out instead of delivering a new film every year. It’s too obvious that there’s not much attention given to the story or characters anymore and that the best days of this franchise is already over (even though it could be argued that it only had one great film in it). Saw V did little to improve the franchise and while it is still a decent enough experience, it is not worth seeking out for anyone that isn’t a huge fan of the series and Jigsaw.




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