Sep 12

Saw IV

saw4Genre: Horror
Year: 2007
Country: USA

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
Starring: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Scott Gordon-Patterson, Betsy Russell, Lyriq Bent


It’s a trap


Jigsaw is finally dead, but his mastermind isn’t quite done yet and his plan is still being executed even after his body has been opened and examined. After Detective Kerry was found dead in one of his traps, two FBI agents named Strahm and Perez are assigned to the case and are responsible for stopping the morbid plans of Jigsaw.

One of the remaining officers from the previous cases, SWAT Commander Rigg, has seen several of his partners and friends being murdered off by Jigsaw and he is now being lead in a game by Jigsaw, making him a crucial piece in the ever-evolving puzzle that the heartless mastermind has planned out.

The fourth entry of the Saw entry tries to bring even more backstory to the Jigsaw character, even giving him a human side, and also tries to be smart by the way they play with the timeline of these gruesome events. In the end though, this entry feels kind of pointless and adds nothing more to the story than more questions and less belief in that anyone could have masterminded such a plot. Even by the previous entry, all of the traps and the big plan was becoming ridiculous and now with even more puzzles and more stuff added to the same timeline makes the entire thing become unbelievable.

What’s left is scenes with gore and violence. New characters that you won’t remember being hacked off in creative and brutal ways. Is that enough to keep fans of the series satisfied? Considering that there would be even three more films added to the series, I would say yes. Was it enough for me? Not really. While the fourth film isn’t boring or anything like that, the interest in keeping up with every twist and turn is flying away and the film series is becoming reduced to being simple and easy entertainment to watch just because I like to see every entry in a horror franchise that I have started to watch.

Darren Lynn Bousman, who did the first two sequels, returned once again for this one. It’s surprising that they wouldn’t try to change things up a bit with a new director again since it is quite uncommon for someone to stay on for several entries in a series like this and I wish they would have done so aswell. Even though Bousman doesn’t seem to be a bad director, the series could have used some fresh blood to it in the director position aswell to freshen things up a bit or give the film a different perspective.

When Saw 4 ends, we are left with more twists and another new cliffhanger, making the main story of this film even more muddled and unlikely to ever end coherent. I would say that this adds absolutely nothing new to the series and that this film is for big fans of the series only, for others the flaws in logic will be too much to take it seriously.




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