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saw3Genre: Horror
Year: 2006
Country: USA

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
Starring: Tobin Bell, Shawna Smith, Angus Macfadyen, Bahar Soomekh, Donnie Wahlberg


Sometimes rules are meant to be broken…


Three years ago, Jeff lost his young child in a car accident and the low sentence that the man behind the wheel got has sent him into deep depression, which is also affecting his relationship with his wife Lynn and their other child.

Jeff is put to a test by Jigsaw which will make him face everyone involved with the death of his son and the question is, can he forgive them and move on with his life? At the same time, Jigsaw himself is using his dying body as a puzzle piece in what will be his final and most elaborate game so far.

Saw 3 continues directly where the second left off and also feels like it could have been made back to back. Having almost the same cast and the same director sure helped in creating a similar feeling, but there is still some ways that this separates itself away from the previous film. In some ways this feels like the ending of the story, although they still felt the need to make the ending have a cliffhanger for some reason. We get some more closure to some of the main characters, so the ending didn’t make much sense to me. The original plan, or game, of Jigsaw is starting to become a bit too elaborate and big and it is starting to become very hard to even buy into it at this point.

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw and Shawna Smith as Amanda is still great to watch, but the newer characters aren’t able to evoke any type of emotions from me. We meet Jeff, played by Angus Macfadyen and the doctor Lynn Denlon, played very well by Bahar Soomekh even though the character isn’t very interesting. The problem with everything that is going on is that it isn’t scary, shocking, terrifying or intense at all. You sit and watch and are left completely unaffected, unless you just get very uneasy by some blood and guts.

It didn’t help very much that they keep pushing in more and more flashbacks, even flashbacks from what has happened earlier in this very same film. I can understand that the story might become a bit confusing to some viewers, but it does say a lot about a film when it needs to show the same events later on in the same film as a way to make the viewer understand what is going on. Personally, I didn’t think the story needed to be narrated this way since the main story wasn’t that advance to understand in the first place. It makes me wonder if the filmmakers might be underestimating their audience a bit.

I also can’t understand why they thought the idea of having this film run for nearly two hours would be a good one. Just like the previous film, I wish they would have cut away some of the fat to make it flow a bit better. The traps are bigger and more fancy this time around and the gore is even nastier than the previous two entries.

Saw 3 will please fans of the second film as it has the same type of feeling and continues the story directly from it. They could probably even be edited together and played off as one long torturefest. It felt like it should have been the end to the story, but a horror franchise that makes money can’t be stopped that easily. For fans of the series, others will start to become tired of it by now.




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