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Sand Sharks

sandsharksGenre: Horror
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Mark Atkins
Starring: Corin Nemec, Brooke Hogan, Vanessa Lee Evigan, Eric Scott Woods, Gina Holden


Just when you thought you were safe out of the water


Jimmy Green is heading home to his old home, which is the island called White Sands. He brings a business idea of having a big festival at the beach to create big bucks for the island and for his own pockets. He runs into trouble when the local sheriff department and a shark expert believe that the recent attacks on the beach is caused by deadly sand sharks.

Jimmy is however able to convince the authorities that the beach is safe and that the festival still needs to happen. The sand sharks are attracted to sound, so when the festival starts the sharks come swimming through the sand and starts to attack the festival participants.

There has been many shark movies the last five years and to try to separate themselves from each other they usually have some sort of gimmick. This one puts the sharks in the beach sand. How exactly they are able to swim in the sand is beyond me, but what the hell. I’ve seen so many Syfy movies and other crappy shark movies the last years that I’m willing to buy it without any plausible explanation.

Thankfully, director Mark Atkins doesn’t take this seriously either. Looking at his IMDB page, it seems like he is an expert in doing these type of movies. I applaud anyone for keeping themselves busy in the movie industry so more power to him, but I did notice that he was responsible for the horrible Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers, so my applauding went silent very quickly.

This film borrows or rather spoofs a lot from Jaws. You can spot character resemblance and dialogue that is obviously taken from the most popular shark movie ever done. Believe it not, Sand Sharks does start good and is quite funny in the first thirty minutes. It does a mistake in lasting around 90 minutes and the fun doesn’t stretch enough to keep the viewer entertained.

Corin Nemec plays Jimmy Green, a low rent sleazier look-a-like of Entourage’s Johnny Drama. Green is supposed to be failure that has a good heart, but some of the decisions he makes during the film doesn’t help him out. I also question the decision to not make deputy Brenda, played by Vanessa Lee Evigan a leading part of the film. She has such natural charm that she could easily do the leading girl role. I guess the decision was done because they also have Brooke Hogan in the film, playing the shark expert Sandy. Hogan has a bigger name I guess, so from a business perspective it makes some sense. Hogan isn’t a great actress, but she is easy on the eyes. This is actually the second shark movie she has turned up in recently with 2-Headed Shark Attack being the other. Robert Pike Daniels gets the embarrassing job of playing Angus, an old fisherman who is having a personal vendetta with the sharks. He is a spoof of the Quint character from Jaws, but he is not funny whatsoever.

There is some very terrible CGI effects in this. The display of the sand sharks fins on the beach is small enough to hide the bad effects, but when one of the sharks come out and shows its full size and entire body you can see how crappy effects they really had on this film. Another thing that was lackluster was the festival they pulled together. We see around twenty young people trying to have the time of their life with some generic rave music going on in the background. The ending makes little sense also and I can think of several other ways that they could have trapped and burned the sand sharks without Green having to do what he did.

Sand Sharks is of course a ridiculous concept of a movie, but works as a movie to watch while you take in a lot of beer or other alcoholic beverages. It starts out entertaining, but the second half puts it back into the regular shark movie of the week territory. If you think a movie such as this sound interesting, then give it a go, you could do much worse.




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