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Rose White

Rose White - PosterGenre: Drama
Year: 2012
Country: USA

Director: Daniel Kuhlman
Starring: Erin Breen, Deneen Melody, Daniel Kuhlman, Tom Lodewyck, Anthony Fleming


Not all fairy tales end happily ever after


The sisters Rosalyn and Lilly have always been close. After their mother died, they promised each other to always stay together and look out for each other. They now live in a big city and Rosalyn does whatever she have to in order to provide for and keep herself and her sister safe.

Lilly has been caught within her own world ever since her mother died, trading the violent city life for her own version of reality with a colorful fantasy world. Their safety is being threaten by a local crime boss and Rosalyn has to find a way to keep Lilly away from him. Their way out of danger involves a plan with a new friend in a local drug addict.

Rose White is a thirty minute long film made by Breakwall Pictures and Tinycore Pictures. They took the theme of the classic Brothers Grimm tale Snow-White and Rose-Red and applied it into a modern day setting.

I don’t have a special relationship with the Grimm fairy tales, so how much they took from that world is something I’m unable to comment on. What I did like a lot in Rose White is that they show how something tragic can make a person mentally zone away from reality and create their own world. A safer world where they can feel safe from all the horrors of real life. I’m guessing that most people who have had something tragic happen to them in their childhood can relate to that and even though I don’t have the facts to back me up on it, I am willing to bet that a big percent of unhappy children find solace in daydreaming.

I can’t think of another film that explores this, which makes this film quite original. They also really nailed the transfer over to Lilly’s fantasy world, giving us a colorful and beautiful version of her world instead of the gritty reality of the inner city. I would have liked to see them make the reality world a little visually darker and also given that a sort of fairy tale look, but I can’t honestly see how anyone would be able to pull that off on a low budget such as this. It kind of has an european feel to it and if it were without dialogue then I would not have been surprised if it turned out to have been made in France or Italy.

The acting is strong, proving once again that it is not about the budget but the talent and effort of the cast and crew. Rosalyn is played by Erin Breen, a strong woman who has to do demeaning acts in order to bring food to the table. She is strong in that she doesn’t let the street life change her good heart. Breen looks tough, but is still able to portray warmth and makes you like the character and wish she had an easier life.

Deneen Melody plays the innocent and childlike Lilly. I was previously impressed with her work in Jeremiah Kipp’s Crestfallen and she did very well in this one aswell. Lilly looks happy and at home in the fantasy world she has created for herself, making it easy to understand why her mind wants to stay there instead of facing the harsh reality. They tried to make her more dirty and unpretty in the real world, but regardless of what type of makeup or blood they put on her the beauty of Melody still shines through on the screen.

The rest of the actors also does a good job, the director himself Daniel Kuhlman even shows up in one of the more important parts. Considering how early on he is in his career, it should be interesting to see how he will grow with his future projects cause he does show a lot of promise with his work here.

Rose White is a very interesting film. I would like to see the concept being worked into a full feature length film since there is something very original and creative to be found here. The only thing that works against this short film is the limitations of the budget and time to take the story even further. Hopefully this project will help everyone involved in their careers, cause the effort and heart behind this shows and the end result of Rose White is quite good.

I would also like to thank Deneen Melody and co. for allowing me to see a screener of this film




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